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Complete the game.

Author Comments

Thanks for the frontpage and 1st place on PhaserJam 2020!


Blooming is a hard short puzzle platformer game.

Enter the cave and collect flowers to overcome difficult passages.


  • Doors are visible.


  • Added visible range to the beast.
  • Schematized the various phases of the boss fight, drastically reducing the possibility of being the spawn killed.
  • Boss recovery phase duration increased.


  • Fixed door closing sound.
  • Fixed boss instant multiple hits.
  • Flower picking and petal throwing are now delta-time based, removing inconsistency with framerate drop.


  • Changed flower power particles.
  • "Backgrounded" non-enemies jugs.
  • Added more hints.
  • Player crounch a bit faster.
  • Reduced beast hitbox.
  • Enhanced flower platforms closing / opening hitbox.
  • Modified level six.
  • Added Newgrounds medal.


  • Reduced big energy ball hitbox.
  • Added hint in the boss fight.


  • Reduced coin fire-rate from enemies.


  • Player can be moved up and down while on blue flower power.
  • Adapted level two and level three to the change.


I always like to experiment with new frameworks, and this jam has been an opportunity to do something with Phaser 3.

I made a playthrough only in case you get stuck.

If you experience problems with Chrome, try to play it in another browser (Firefox / Opera),

and If you have completed the game, restart the page to unlock the medal.


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Fun platformer

Very nice platformer I love the simple of this like the flower allthough this just had one medal you could ad much more to give it more fun factor, Now here was something fun yet different and even unique with a nice style too platformer types are never easy but you gave this one some nice flair about it and really created a fun experience for the player so for me I had fun and like the unique style of the game, its different then most platformer types so nice game on this submission its a fun entertaining game, ust had one medal you could ad much more to give it more fun


kind of hard to thing to control...

Yeah This is pretty nice actually

oof hard btw next time use WASD to control your character

It was hard, just a bit too unforgiving. Good choice of Checkpoints, but I still couldn't get through it. One needs more explaination on how to play, it's not really intuitive. Still a nice effort, cool idea on the mechanics!

HealliesGames responds:

I will try not to repeat the mistakes. Thanks for the feedback, NoFateNet!

Credits & Info

3.09 / 5.00

Feb 15, 2020
10:41 PM EST
  • Aseprite
  • Tiled Map Editor
  • Cakewalk
  • Phaser 3