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Author Comments

Thanks for the frontpage and 1st place on PhaserJam 2020!


Blooming is a hard short puzzle platformer game.

Enter the cave and collect flowers to overcome difficult passages.


  • Doors are visible.


  • Added visible range to the beast.
  • Schematized the various phases of the boss fight, drastically reducing the possibility of being the spawn killed.
  • Boss recovery phase duration increased.


  • Fixed door closing sound.
  • Fixed boss instant multiple hits.
  • Flower picking and petal throwing are now delta-time based, removing inconsistency with framerate drop.


  • Changed flower power particles.
  • "Backgrounded" non-enemies jugs.
  • Added more hints.
  • Player crounch a bit faster.
  • Reduced beast hitbox.
  • Enhanced flower platforms closing / opening hitbox.
  • Modified level six.
  • Added Newgrounds medal.


  • Reduced big energy ball hitbox.
  • Added hint in the boss fight.


  • Reduced coin fire-rate from enemies.


  • Player can be moved up and down while on blue flower power.
  • Adapted level two and level three to the change.


I always like to experiment with new frameworks, and this jam has been an opportunity to do something with Phaser 3.

I made a playthrough only in case you get stuck.

If you experience problems with Chrome, try to play it in another browser (Firefox / Opera),

and If you have completed the game, restart the page to unlock the medal.


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Yeah This is pretty nice actually

oof hard btw next time use WASD to control your character

It was hard, just a bit too unforgiving. Good choice of Checkpoints, but I still couldn't get through it. One needs more explaination on how to play, it's not really intuitive. Still a nice effort, cool idea on the mechanics!

HealliesGames responds:

I will try not to repeat the mistakes. Thanks for the feedback, NoFateNet!

I love the idea of a power-based platformer based on stationed pickups like this, and I really want to adore it with the combined aesthetic, but a lot of the layouts seem to just pluck my petals the wrong way, so to speak - at least, later on.

Some of the game's assets are introduced in a poor or outright mean way. The closing gates are completely unmarked until they've closed on you once, which can lead to deaths and resets that were unnecessary. The red petal is introduced with three coin jars - which is a fine challenge, but could've been taught better in a safer environment such as the challenge directly after this.

Beasts make sense to have as well, giving a mobile obstacle and even a full boss from what the changelog says, but their use demands near pixel perfected timing. As of this review, I'm stuck at the duo where the top requests perfect timing to pluck the red flower and just barely escape, while the bottom is blocked halfway by a door where you'd have to force a death reset if you fell down without a flower anyways; I'll admit to being dumb for some challenges, but this is just very tight timing.

Maybe in a future game you could work on layouts, because I wouldn't wish anyone to have to work on the same project over and over. The yellow flower's usage is probably a good highlight to show the better parts of this game's ideas, and was my favorite section of gameplay; It's a simple idea, but it's made to combo well with other petals and the terrain around it nudges the player towards the solution amazingly.

HealliesGames responds:

In the part where you got stuck, you don't need to time the beast to take the red flower because a little further on, there's a door which can be used to block its pattern.

I thought it might be a cute puzzle, but of course you don't have the slightest clue to understand it and, as you say, the doors would have been better if they were visible.

The whole difficulty was a combination of factors:
make it longer lasting (although it was a game for a jam), and then show the heart of puzzles, unfortunately without giving to the player the time to settle down.

I'm very sorry for making it so inaccessible.
Thanks anyway for appreciating the idea and for the feedback, V1ral!

If I have to come back with a puzzle game, I will try not to repeat the same mistakes.

I really liked the concept of this game, it had a unique element to it, but unfortunately I couldn't get over the time it takes to pick up the flower.

It slowed the entire game down to a halt - I understand keeping animations in, but having it creates this weird pause in the gameplay that becomes slightly frustrating.

This could be avoided by giving you a flower on re-spawn, or causing a check point on picking up a flower to avoid having to the animation again.

Personal preference as well, but I think if the petal shot upwards and forwards, with you having to jump into rather than onto it would produce slightly better feedback. I found sometimes I would over shoot the landing, turn back on myself and petal-float backwards

Outside of this I think this is a solid puzzle platformer with an interesting and somewhat creepy yume nikki styile vibe to it.

HealliesGames responds:

It would have been more interesting if the animation had somehow acted in terms of gameplay,
which is currently happening only in a small section further.

But I realize as a player, as soon as I arrive at the solution, is more rewarding to be able to implement it without hindrance.

Was really penalizing working alone, without letting anyone to test it.

I'm glad you liked the mood, though! Never heard of Yume Nikki before; it seems quite interesting.

I will take notes for the future, thanks for the review and for playing, Joel!

Credits & Info

3.07 / 5.00

Feb 15, 2020
10:41 PM EST
  • Aseprite
  • Tiled Map Editor
  • Cakewalk
  • Phaser 3