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Horizon 6

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Inspired by several arcade classics as well as some desktop oldies, this colorful first-person shooter lets you fly over a cyberpunky planetscape shooting enemies and rescuing friendlies.

*updated with several improvements and modifications:

  • New touchscreen controls with thumb overlays for mobile
  • Expanded keyboard and mouse control for desktop
  • 16 new music loops
  • Audio fix for Safari

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I like this

I like how the viewing distance is very far, and i also like that there are 25+ enemies on screen at once. Thats not something you see in games that much. a lot of enemies.

Cool retro aesthetic to this game! I went in expecting something like first-person Defender or Captain Skyhawk, and instead I felt like AVGN trying to land the plane in Top Gun, haha. While it's very clever and impressive that you mapped the entire control scheme to just the mouse, it didn't translate to a fun time as it felt like I was battling my own controls rather than battling for a high score. As it is right now, I think this game could be fun if the intention was to make a fumblecore game like Surgeon Simulator where fumbling and learning the obtuse controls is the fun part. Anyway, once you get past the controls, I feel like the gameplay could use a bit more hype and direction to it: at the moment it feels like you just fly around aimlessly and nothing poses a threat until you run outta fuel. Some more music and sounds, more exciting enemies, a radar and more chatter and this could be something really cool as I think the graphics and explosions are already pretty neat and satisfying!

PatrickOReilly responds:

Thanks so much! That was just the review I needed, and I think I'm going for all those suggestions.

Could do with some more clarity, I have no idea what's going on, what the challenge is, ect. Am I trying to stop enemies getting past or just dodging.

That said I really like the truly retro vibe.

PatrickOReilly responds:

Thanks for the feedback, and I agree it could use some more definition. It's funny though cause a lot of games back then were more style over substance; the medium was the message and getting the high score and a long play was always the objective.

Really like the arcade pixel feel of the game. But running out of ammo ruined the experience as a whole. I think putting in a reload mechanics or just give the player infinite ammo.

PatrickOReilly responds:

There is a reload/refuel mechanic whereby you make contact with the 'rover', though I think you are correct, this should be more obvious or easier. Glad you like the pixel feel...going there again with my next game. Thanks for the feedback!