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Closing In

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3 5 Points

Complete 3 Levels

5 10 Points

Complete 5 Levels

10 25 Points

Complete 10 Levels

15 50 Points

Complete 15 Levels

20 100 Points

Complete 20 Levels

Author Comments


In Closing In, you control a big square, collect little squares, and avoid getting crushed by the walls.

You must jump back and forth between the two walls.

This game was made for the Phaser Game Jam 2020.

This game should be compatible with most mobile devices.


  • Click/Touch and hold to aim
  • Release to move
  • Collect the dots to complete the level
  • Escape before being crushed


I tried to make a new original song just for this but wasn't happy with the result, so I used a song I made in 2018 for the NGRMC.

GoodL - H4D_2_G0


  • All of your movements will be angled either left or right, depending on which wall you are on. Keep this in mind and take it into account as you plan your route across each level.
  • It can sometimes be advantageous to wait on a wall for a while while dots get pushed toward the center. Just make sure you don't lose too much time, or you may not be able to escape!
  • You don't actually have to hold down while you're aiming. You can pretty reliably collect dots just by quickly clicking/tapping on them.
  • You can escape through the top or the bottom.

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cant get all medals but got 3 medals just like i'm gonna rate this 3 stars

GoodL responds:


ok since i know this was for game jam it be nice if you could at least replay a level if you failed.
other than that suggestion quick simple game
Reading the author comments was helpful so recommend that to everyone.
I got to level 22 I'll try again see if I can get that last medal

Decent play for a jam game, but won't offer anything too methodical

cant escape ;-;
Edit:changing score because that was hilarious

GoodL responds:

That pretty much sums up my life.

Thought it was going pretty well until around level 30... difficulty does increase pretty fast when it does, even though you notice the gradual change of pace with each level.

Smooth game! Simple but working mechanics, where the limitations are part of the challenge, and difficulty increases at a speed at which you can't play forever either. Good reward; good re-playability. Solid work GoodL. Seems simple but no real flaws.


Credits & Info

3.43 / 5.00

Feb 14, 2020
3:55 AM EST
  • Aseprite
  • Phaser 3