H4D_2_G0 (NGRMC Remix)

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Here's my entry to the Newgrounds Remix Competition hosted by Zophar. I thought this was going to take me a really long time (as I haven't made any music in quite a while), but I had a nice spark of inspiration and ended up getting it done fairly quickly, and I'm even decently happy with it!

I hate to categorize my own music, if you think I should change the genre to anything specific, feel free to suggest it.

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The sounds kinda hurt the ears, I also don't like the sound choices much but in my opinon, it's not bad. Not the best entry but also not the worst as well :)

Sounds kind of like an RnB instrumental to me, minus the glitches, which are occasionally too frequent for my tastes. Initially I didn't like the super slowed down tempo with the obvious artefacts, but it slowly grew on me. I would have preferred you recorded this with your own instruments or synthesized it yourself -- sounds much better and more organic.

Also, there is a loooot of low rumble reverb going on, which makes it very hard to hear the tonality of each individual instrument. Other than this, the mix is fairly clear, but the sample itself is up fairly high relative to the other elements, and I can hardly hear the bass. Solution, low-cut your reverb.

1:42 feels almost like a filler, or outro, though 2:02 does sound pretty nice to my ears. Much better than the main section actually. I was somewhat sad not to have heard the theme continued to the end with the re-introduction of the RnB elements.

Also, the track itself looks like it's un-mastered. No compression, etc. Not a huge complaint since I myself am not a fan of the loudness wars, but can't argue compression itself is the magic mix glue.

That said, nice chillout piece. It actually made me sleepy, haha.

Thanks for coming out to NGRMC!

GoodL responds:

Thanks so much! I totally feel where you're coming from on all points. I appreciate it!

[Official NGRMC Review]

Absolutely fantastic song!!! One of the best I have heard yet. One thing though that kind of threw me off was the part from 1:43 - 2:30. It felt like a filler and nothing happened. And for your category of music, I personally think it sounds like a rap instrumental in a way, but it could be good be itself. Good luck on the competition!!

GoodL responds:

Wow, thank you! I understand where you're coming from with that critique regarding the part with the key change and the long fade-out, although I am personally rather fond of that part.
Thanks a lot for the great review!

[ Official NGRMC Review ]

Awesome dude! I really liked this remix you did. I like that intro, and some of the glitchyness you did to the melody. I like the slow tempo, and the ending when it fades out and then comes back in. I just think the gitches were happening way too much. Maybe a few times. But not like ten.
Overall. Amazing! I like this! Continue your journey through music!

GoodL responds:

Thanks so much, I'm really glad you enjoyed it :) I can see your point about the glitches being over the top. If we're being honest though, if I had it my way it would be even glitchier! But I can totally understand that not everyone would be super into that. Thanks again, this competition is really awesome and I'm happy to be a part of it.

love ya bubbo!

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Aug 29, 2018
7:17 PM EDT
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