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Hunted in the Winter

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Author Comments

Flee from pursuing soldiers as you live off the land, in this small survival type game. Cover up your footprints so they can't follow the trail!


- WASD to move
- Z and X: Interact buttons (Prompts show on screen)
- C: Drag blanket to cover up footprints

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It's great, but i would love to see this game become a survivor style with crafting and trap, things like this.

Very impressive for a game jam game, in my opinion! Loved the stealth/survival mechanics, especially when it came to the footprints: you put MGS to shame in a week! It is a little clunky in some respects (can keep slamming the door on guards that come to your shack) and it doesn't go anywhere at the moment, but its a cool core that I should see being worked off of to make a whole story.

too easy

you should add a shovel to escape and you need to find pieces like, shovel pieces and, maybe even metal that you need to melt.

Could be a lot better with the addition of some type of goal beyond gathering wood and eating berries. Cooked berries?