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Deleted Scene: Lion King Movie

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Happy Thanksgiving, Christmas or whatever holiday meal is nearest to you! Join Simba, Pumbaa, Timon from the Lion King for some grub. Spoilers for those that have not seen the new Lion King Movie.
I took the audio form Lion King & combined it with Sausage Party. It fits surprisingly well together. The whole "Circle of Life" & "hakuna matata" speeches are just disturbing, when it comes from an Animal that eats other Animals. I recreated the classic scene where soy-boys Pumbaa & Timon try to peer pressure Simba to replace beef with meal worms (which is sadly a real thing.) Tune in to see if Simba becomes a soy boy too.

Give me feedback.
Also here's the Original Film clips:
Graphics = The Lion King Grubs
Audio = Simba eat an Insect | The Lion King 2019
Audio = fragment from the movie- "Sausage Party"- Food in shock
Other inspiration
Graphics faces = Cupcakes
Graphics faces = Dora the expl-whore-r

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The Lion King and Sausage Party

lol what

There's only one that's acceptable, and that's because it's already a walking burger!

(hint: --Simpsons-- Futurama did it. Yep, those are real, though obviously not the size of cows!)

I'll rephrase what I mean
ok to specify it was ok until the end part where you put a cigarette in Simba's mouth and I Love the Lion King Simba is my all time favorite and I just didn't think that was needed to make simba look like he was getting into drugs so because he ate a bug to survive meant that he suddenly became a gangster thug that did drugs? i'm sorry that i'm sounding harsh but Simba means alot to me. And your version wasn't really toned down for the bug scene it was more graphic with what the bugs screaming and such. And I prefer the cartoon version over the real version, if you'd have done the new version then I wouldn't have cared but the cartoon version is a classic.

grimview responds:

Edit 2: Never would have guessed from the original reply that "drug use" would bug someone on newgrounds. However, the smoke doesn't really fit with the resist peer pressure theme. Change accepted.
"Thug Life" is a sarcastic meme that basically means the same as "hakuna matata," were we just do or say whatever we feel like doing.
If you re-watch the original bug clip I linked, you will note that Timon is literally biting the bugs in half with crumbs flying everywhere. I just humanized the bugs in the same way Sausage Party humanized the plants so over sensitive people will starve to death out fear of hurting a living creature. Its a public service I offer for the greater good.
Also 2d is quicker then 3d. So just pretend this mocking the 3d remake or one of the 2d sequels you never bother to watch.

Can you specify what really Bugs you? How exactly did I ruin the Lion King?
Did you not like the original Lion king Movie, (cause the graphics for the Lion & friends were traced & color coded from the original, other then one facial expression)? Also the original grub eating scene was way more violent, then my toned down version, compared mass bug genocide that would make Hitler's panties wet.
Did you not like the new lion king movie, cause audio's from the 2019 remake?
I've updated the description with links to original clips for you to compare.