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Hey, hey, hey, Newgrounds!

So, I've finally decided to make a full animated mlp music video. (Took about a week to make)
Here are som FAQs:
Yes, this was totally necessary.
No, I haven't read Cupcakes
Yes, I'm an animator at Hasbro
No, I don't know Lauren Faust, Steven Spielberg, etc (yet)
Yes, I'm know they shouldn't be able to grab things without any sort of opposable thumbs, etc

Check out my Youtube Channel and DeviantArt! ;D

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I wish that these good old times could come back, now it's only Fortnite, fortnite and battle royale, I'm starting to get depressed.


im feeling quite hungry right now for some cupcakes, also this is so gory, so bloody and still incredible, im surprised i used to be affraid of you're work years ago, but now...i love it, it's amazing!

I've absolutely loved and adored your animations for years!

Though, it looks like that whole "Anyone who begs to differ can speak to my lawyers." you used to say in all of your video descriptions finally caught up with you, considering the state of your YouTube channel.

omfg is gore fuck XD