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Sublo & Tangy Mustard #13 - Convention

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Sublo and Tangy Mustard travel with Mr. Wubhamer to the Subpar corporate convention to get evaluated, meet the famous Subpar Sirens and have an identity crisis. Featuring a special sequence with guest animation by many great Newgrounds animators and friends of the show! I'll upload a separate video to fully showcase all the submissions for that sequence. In the credits I unfortunately forgot to include one artist who did a great piece-- ArĂ³n Keyser aka PrimatePunk.

Ryan Long as Sublo
Kevin Doan as Tangy Mustard
Heather Mazhar as Katy
Aaron Long as Dick Wubhamer
Victoria Long as SubparGeekGirl96
Zoran Taylor as Announcer and Jimothy Par
Jack Long as the Evaluator
Lea Pehar, Emily Steinwall, Phylicia Fuentes and Shannon Halliwell-Macdonald as the Subpar Sirens
Zachary Anderson as Bizarro Sublo





Sublo and Tangy Mustard is an original web series created by Bojack Horseman and Tuca & Bertie director Aaron Long. It focuses on two best friends who work as mascots for a fast food restaurant called Subpar, who must always remain in-character as Sublo the Hungry Submarine and Tangy Mustard the Sandwich Parrot.

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Is some way that one scene kinda broke the forth wall

"Barely Satisfactory" is GREAT ! I loved Sub's vision of all the other Subs in all those ways.

I'm blown away by the character packed into every part of this, but the animation expecially makes me grin from ear to ear. The tiny little touches in the animation are fantastic (my absolute favorite is the way Tangy Mustard's head wiggles in joy right after he says 'contact sport'.) and the way everyone and everything moves is super impressive. The animator clearly understands motion in a way that gives things excellent weight and fluidity, without robbing them of an ounce of whimsy, character, or cartoon charm.

I sound like the back of a dvd case. 10/10.

Aaron-Long responds:

Wow that's really amazing to hear, thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it.

that was so awesome i wish you made sublo and tangy mustard #15 in new years eve or new years day

This is such a good series, dude. Love the characters and the goofy air to what should really be a boring premise that somehow works really well.

Also got a strong Tuca and Bertie vibe in the running and ending sequences.

Aaron-Long responds:

Thanks! Yeah I want it to be slice-of-life but not boring. And I work on Tuca and Bertie-- I did the opening sequence, directed a few episodes and animated random bits here and there.