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Super Agent: Drunk Kent

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**CLICK** The game window before trying to start a new game please.

NOTE!! There is some slow down at the main menu for some reason (some investigation will be needed) So the input for starting a new game seems to be delayed on browser. ENTER will start the game but i think you have to press enter and wait for some reason. Or (this sounds bad) mash enter for a while and the game should start. Sorry about this. Please be patient until i work out whats going on. Or if you really want to play, the steam demo is very stable. Sorry if this has annoyed anybody!!

Super Agent: Drunk Kent is a platformer with a difference...Your drunk! Navigate challenges using your drunken reflexes and blurred sense of judgement. Utilize Super Drunk Mode to hone your drunken stupor into a kind of "slow-mo", allowing you to pass through otherwise impossible traps!

This game demo is intended to run on PC not HTML, the tutorial screen text is a little small. I've listed the controls below:



LEFT ARROW: move left
RIGHT ARROW: move right
UP ARROW: jump
DOWN ARROW: dismount from wire/grab
X KEY: action button (switches ect)
ENTER KEY: menu select
Z KEY: hold Z key and move left or right for dash OR when on the ground to slide
SPACE BAR: slo-mo on/off
ESC KEY: pause/display menu

Cheers for playing!!

Super Agent: Drunk Kent is available on steam on 9/6/2019
Wish-list if you want more in the main menu.

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Quite the funny, but ultimately frustrating game. I understand that the whole idea is that the guy is drunk, and thus, difficult to move, but sometimes it just gets way too frustrating to deal with the janky controls to make progress. The tutorials are really overbearing as well as they are huge walls of text that, even if you wanted to read them, can easily be missed. Would love to see more from this game as I really love the concept, but I think it needs some extra work to be more intuitive for players instead of relying on huge text dumps and slow-mo.

I entered almost any key used in average games (enter, space,x,e,k,h,z,c,,w,a,s,d,up,down,left,right) but the new game never started

I kind of find it upsetting I cannot get beyong the menu
I mean I can move up and down in menue selct but cannot selct anything apart from the "wish-list me" which makes me wonder if it might be an issues between the game and the newgrounds flash player
I had got to the beginning just now but the contol output has froze up again
so far it does seem interesting

REKWARE responds:

Its too intensive for HTML id say. Just download the steam demo or get the demo from itch.io if you really wanna play flawlessly. Apologies man...

Oh man it's so funny and challenging at the same time. Also I love the music. Only problems were some bugs, at first the controlls wouldn't respond but I updated the page and it worked after that and had a lot of fun.

REKWARE responds:

Thank you. Yeah the export to HTML is a little shaky. Its too intensive for browsers in some ways. Download the steam demo on PC for the full experience. The feedback here has been really valuable.

the fucking controls don't respond
fix it now

Credits & Info

2.70 / 5.00

Aug 2, 2019
12:11 AM EDT