TentaCat: The Lost Lineage

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TentaCat: The Lost Lineage is a 16-bit action platformer, where you play as Aqua, a TentaCat who visits his birthplace to find his lost past. This is the demo for my first game project, which started development in March of 2018. Use the arrow keys to move, Z to jump, X to shoot, and Enter for the inventory. Gamepads are supported.

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It's alright, but sometimes it gets frustrating when you are trying to move and the game freezes.

pktora responds:

Full-blown freezing or frame skips? I'll look into optimizing the performance.


Cute game.

Game has polish, but your stage difficulty is completely at odds with Seth's difficulty. He may only have 2 moves, but his health is way too large. If he's the boss to stage 1, then just give him the green part of his health bar, if not even less. Based on how your stage works, you seem to want to give players an easier version of Megaman, but having a boss that takes more shots than a normal Megaman boss is not the way to go about this. I did not feel like beating him after losing all of my lives to Seth and only Seth, only just reaching the yellow stage on my final attempt.

3 1/2 stars total, mostly for the stage and general design of the game.

Though this is just a demo, it's a great game. I was quite disappointed when it stopped after I defeated the sharkman boss. I was expecting all those additional spots on the map to actually be more levels, not for it to just declare me the winner after beating the shark.

There should be a cat version of every animal. Cat spiders, cat rats, cat ants, cat snakes. Maybe some plants too. Cat ferns, cat tomatoes. Genetic engineers, hop to it! Your task awaits!

The one thing I would say that I disliked was that I didn't know the 2 active buttons were x and z, so when I entered the shop, I didn't know how to leave. Maybe there should just be a "leave shop" button instead of having to press every key on the keyboard trying to figure out how to leave.

Well also I didn't like how the enemies all respawned if you moved a little bit away and came back.

What is tentacat's default weapon exactly? I got the pepper as a powerup once but what is it he is normally shooting?

Does anything happen if you get all 3 secrets? I got one and it said 1/3, but I wonder what happens if you get all 3.

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3.65 / 5.00

Jul 5, 2019
2:34 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop