TentaCat: The Lost Lineage

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Author Comments

TentaCat: The Lost Lineage is a 16-bit action platformer, where you play as Aqua, a TentaCat who visits his birthplace to find his lost origin. This is the demo for my first game project, which started development in March of 2018. Use the arrow keys to move, Z to jump, X to shoot, and Enter for the inventory. Gamepads are supported.

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Tentacat. 10/10

Well-put together platformer! Was surprised at the amount of polish and nice little touches the game has, and I'm excited to see more. Only problems I had were that I felt like the jumping mechanics were a little bit awkward in how upward momentum is instantly zeroed when you let go of the jump button, the game could stand to tutorialize some of the mechanics like walljumping which I totally forgot existed (you can do this by making the level have a safe spot where you need to traverse it in a certain way, like by walljumping), and the boss was a bit of a difficulty jump (though I love the difficulty of it personally haha)

Why The First Boss Battle Is So Hard And Why There Are No Turbo Attack

bryalmdesign responds:

I updated the game to tone down the boss battle difficulty

Some decent stuff here. Through you can collect the same hidden fish twice.
There's also a bug where my tentacat stopped reacting to the controls but an empty message box showed up and the only way to move was spamming "Z" button

Edit: i found this bug at right checkpoint of a floating island on a 1-2 level

bryalmdesign responds:

At what point did you encounter that bug?

I accidentally skipped the introduction because I thought I had to press a button to progress, some text that says "[Z] skip" should fix that.

While the game is okay it doesn't do anything new besides its quirky-looking main character, and it could really use some satisfying visual feedback. Enemies and especially bosses take way too many hits which makes you want to rush past them, which for most enemies is the only reason they form a threat as you can easily keep your distance and shoot them.

I did like how the level select screen starts with you entering in a boat, it makes the world feel much more real.

bryalmdesign responds:

I'll be making tweaks to fix the dialogue box. I've just updated the game to reduce the boss difficulty.

Credits & Info

3.64 / 5.00

Jul 5, 2019
2:34 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop