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Enter the Dungeon

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Left Click - Fire
Right Click - Alt Fire
Shift - Dash
Space - Ultimate
Escape - Options

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IDK if you're still working on this, but in case you are, I ended up with a very lucky run that got me to Level 50 (guessing there's still only castle levels) and found out some... interesting things.

While it's much less common than it used to be, getting a chest ring when walking into a room can still spawn unobtainable chests in the wall or door. Sometimes I can get at them if I shoot them enough to knock them loose, but sometimes they're just the right place between rooms that they can't get knocked to one side or another.

As of now, Expertise is completely worthless as a talent. After you get it, after all, you stop getting new talents. Even generic do-very-little talents would do SOMETHING to justify its existence. As of now, Greed is the only helpful option.

I'm assuming you've got no caps either way on what powerups can do, which is fine for numbers and chance stuff, but for stuff like speed... things got weird.

First off, the projectile speed ended up getting so high that it got faster than the framerate, leaving me with something like a broken up laser where there's "safe zones" in the middle of the trajectory where the monsters can just stand still in and never get hit.
Second, the power-shot slowdown negators, after piling up enough, got me so far in the negatives that firing off a power shot more than doubles my speed.
Third, I notice that somewhere around 60 vials, passive regen just... broke. Health bar went from refilling fairly quickly to not moving at all.
Fourth, at a certain point walking became fairly hard to control (though not all that dangerous, considering the other powerups) and I noticed some wonkiness when moving between rooms. I'm fairly sure that, were I to collect enough footwear, I could clip right past room barriers without loading the transition, or even past walls where no rooms exist.

Anyway, this is a nice game. It's good for keeping my hands busy while my mind is occupied on other things, like listening to podcasts. I hope you keep adding to it!

paulfromsmite responds:

thanks i actually am working on new games now but thats cool you got that many items ahaha

i would and could play this for hours lmao

So what´s with that blood splattered letter that tell you about a pilar combination?

paulfromsmite responds:

in the room where you first obtain it, there are pillars that can be touched to solve it..

Question; is this infinite?

paulfromsmite responds:



Credits & Info

3.79 / 5.00

Jun 10, 2019
3:44 PM EDT
  • Unity