Enter the Dungeon

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Left Click - Fire
Right Click - Alt Fire
Shift - Dash
Space - Ultimate
Escape - Options

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Pretty good game. Although gets super easy pretty fast. The upgrades gets insane when they stack a few time. I got to level 32 before I got bored and my normal attack was firing pretty much just as fast as a default rapid fire.
Some hard endgame content would be very nice.

would it be possible for you to set up a trello for changelog to help keep track of changes and updates for the players? if thats possible i mean

paulfromsmite responds:

Sorry dude, I could lie and say sure or not respond but to be honest I'm just kinda lazy I don't really wanna do that, whenever a big update or something happens I'll be sure to post an update on my Newground's page.

Pretty good game, spent a decent amount of time playing. Wish the leveling system didn't stop so early though. Also it would be cool if you could end the game with a final boss with a secret that would appear over time.

good game but needs more content and optimization in dark rooms.

paulfromsmite responds:

Thanks, fixed

More than a few things to say about this game

First of all
It is pretty good. But it's such a basic roguelike that seems like every roguelike got the basis from this one.

Good things first. The game is clean to look at, with simple mechanics that don't over complicate what should be simple.

Bad things now. Game is quite short, and simple where it doesn't need to be. Seen a lot of people talking about it being repetitive so won't get into that.

Things that would make this game really awesome.

getting to chose but a few items to keep (maybe 3) at the end of each level. And having a proper talent tree where we could see where it was going. This would allow us to try and make builds and feel like we earned it if we get overpowered.

Having a few skins to chose from for your character, each with different "arrow" colors. That would be a simple visual change that i would be very happy to pursue.

Keep itens at respawn system: If the game gets harder people will die more, if that comes to place it would be nice if we were able to keep one more item every time you revive.

Bosses at every 5 level. pretty hard ones.

And last one, Music. A cool music made with maybe beepbox.com or something like that.

Even tho i mentioned all this problems and suggested all that stuff. I am still giving it an awesome note because i can't remember how many years it been since i got hooked up in newgrounds game for two hours. Congratulations on your amazing work.

paulfromsmite responds:

Great ideas, will definitely add some of that stuff in next update.
Thanks for the reply.

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3.78 / 5.00

Jun 10, 2019
3:44 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional
  • Unity