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ProjectBlackGuard: Episode 01 - BLACKGUARD

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When a dimwit in an armored ape suit goes King Kong on a major city, the Department Overlooking Ultrahuman Crime and Harmful Endeavors finds itself in a tough spot. With the professional superheroes on strike, the Departments only choice is to deploy the Blackguard, an experimental team of super-powered inmates, training as heroes. Under the command of former crime fighter, Eli Mercer; the Blackguard, (Afia Melanin, Darius Doome, Jonnie Staples and O.D.A.N.,) are the only ones left to stop this new threat… or potentially make things worse.

CREATED BY: The Brothers of Spontaneous Combustion
WRITTEN BY: Jerrod Smith
DIRECTOR: Ferguson Draper Winston
ANIMATION: Ferguson Draper Winston, Lisa Gelsomini
BACKGROUNDS: Deni Dimochka
MIXING: Daniel J. Clark
MUSIC: Travis Yeargans
PRODUCTION: BadART Productions

Thanks for watching. Stay tuned...

We'd like to turn this into a full on web series.
If you like what we're doing, please consider helping us create another episode by supporting our Kickstarter... http://bit.ly/2HdgTCY

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yay! black superheroes...

I would love to see the next episode

This is nice! I would love to see this as a cartoon series with an interesting plot!

So I'm really enjoying this EbonyWaifu.mp4 video right here .