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This is Scrap Arms, a story-driven Roguelike RPG with themes of home, family, and an obsession for the unobtainable. Inspired by games such as Mystery Dungeon. I love traditional roguelike gameplay, this is the game I've always wanted to make.

Play as Scavengers, people who find and use scraps to solve people's problems, as you journey through caves full of threats and danger for the sole purpose of finding the exit out.

The game can be played with keyboard, mouse, or gamepad. (gamepad may be buggy in certain browsers).
Alternatively, you can download the game to play offline at:

Join the Discord! I want your feedback on the game.

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So,a legend of Zelda based RPG but with stands?
me likey very much.
so far games looking really good!

That ending was quite brutal... Didn't expect it.
The gameplay was simple yet entertaining.
Liked the item system seems creative and silly.
The ambient looks mysterious.

I love the game! The controls are nice, the story is nice, the environment is cool, and the combat is pretty simple and intuitive. My one concern is that I've been running into a bug where I set up my inventory, and if I save or pick up new items in the area with the appetites some items disappear from my inventory or are otherwise replaced by my previous hotkey lineup. This is rather frustrating because I end up with less items before the final fight. But other than that issue I love this demo/prologue!

BigBossErndog responds:

Thank you :)
I'll look into that bug more, if it happens consistently you could try the offline version (at www.ernestplacido.com/scraparms) and hopefully the bug doesn't happen.

Game looks like it came together nicely except maybe going from a goblin camp to a beachside with recycling garbage cans doesn't fit the theme. So the game started abit off with like a medieval theme and then jump to a 19th century where people rode horse and carriages, all because of the design of the garbage cans.
Looks like a decent story and then it just got whole lot darker o.O. The appetite's aren't nearly as frightening as the bloody Efa. Safe to say it's pretty good.
I just love the sounds and music.
The game could use a better inventory in which it isn't so confusing not sure how to help you on that one. When fighting zooming out to see good portion of the battlefield especially at bishop fight would be helpful. This could help improve all sort of strategies and tactics.
There is 0 need for the pocketwatch when you can hit the air with your ruler and still skip a turn.
A book in which tells you how much hp the species of these monsters have the damage they do
and probably a sentence or 2 of info about them.
Like: Appetites - 65hp 20dmg "Vicious creatures that feed on little kids fears".

Goodluckk on your game.

BigBossErndog responds:

1) That's on purpose. I wanted to make the feeling that all parts of the caves are different, different cultures, different environments. No parts of the caves are supposed to feel cohesive, like a scrapbook full of random items. This will allow me to have creative freedom to fill the caves with lots of stranger things later on, nothing will really piece together, and that's what will piece everything together.

2) Thank you :) I'm glad you enjoyed the story, and music. I don't consider music my strong point, but it makes me happy to hear you liked what I managed to create.

3) Zooming won't be possible sorry, the framework I'm using just doesn't support it.

4) Yeah, does sound like the inventory could do with a redesign to improve user experience. Will for sure be thinking about that a lot for the full game.

4.5) I'm in the process of changing it so it locks the pocket watch to your hotbar and you can't throw it away. It may be possible to throw your ruler away, but I've found you can get stuck if you're surrounded by enemies and can't make a move (e.g. all you have are teeth but they're all on cooldown). So I'll be locking that pocket watch to the hot bar shortly.

5) Info on the monsters is definitely something I've got planned for the final game. In the main game there is a library in which you can learn this sort of stuff, which gains more books as you go through the game. Also, I am making a physical book as a reward for Kickstarter backers called the Scavenger's Encyclopedia which will contain some of the things you're talking about like lore (all of which will be found in the library in-game, but it's nice to have a physical book with illustrations).

Overall, thanks for the feedback!

I'm not sure what to say about the gameplay, it feels like it's probably being made to be played with a gamepad and I don't have experience with that to say what should be changed. Overall I liked playing through it.

What I'd really like to point out is the characters bonding. There was not much of a story in this demo, but the few speech interactions they had made me understand that the bond between them is very strong, and because of that, the end hit me hard in the feels. That s*** was sad AF.

I'll give it a 5, because I know I'd gladly play through the end just to know more about the story, even if I felt the gameplay itself was just average.

BigBossErndog responds:

Thank you! I’m really happy the characters got through to you, it means a lot :)

I will definitely be doing a lot more testing with the controls for the final game, some people have found it awkward. Mind pm-ing me which control scheme you were using and discuss it further? (Like if you used keyboard, mouse, hybrid, touch, etc)

It is possible to play with a gamepad, slightly buggy in the web version, but works just fine on the download version.

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3.62 / 5.00

Apr 7, 2019
3:37 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG