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Scrap Arms Demo [OLD 2019]

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Author Comments

Unfortunately, the kickstarter for Scrap Arms was not successful.
This does not mean I've given up. I'm going to try and work on new projects and improve my skills.

Join the Discord! I want your feedback on the game.

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Why do the floating silhouettes remind me of stands from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure?

No saving progress? alright.

barely any background story for the characters. Game is very tasking to the cpu despite being pixelated and having this kind of graphics and gameplay.

However, a bit fun until the map gets so huge that the game becomes slow.

Very cool! I really got dragged into the world and loved the characters. I wasn't able to beat it yet since the bishop fight destroyed me (I thought I was supposed to lose! lol), and without a closer checkpoint to work from, it feels too punishing to continue. I understand it's a roguelike and it's supposed to be tough, but this is more like a story RPG and it can really lose pacing and momentum when you can die and have to start over from sooooo long ago, hearing people say the same stuff, but with less impact now. The mechanics were solid though and the world is mysterious and intriguing.

Edit: (Doh, I guess I missed an altar to save in! That helps a bit if that's the case.)

BigBossErndog responds:

Hi, did you perhaps miss Karin's house, which has an altar you can save in? Or do you think Karin's house is still too far from the boss?

Gameplay is good, but I wasn't drawn in. The graphics are really good, I will certainly check out your other work!

Really nice to see a simple yet fun dungeon crawl. I'm a sucker for roguelikes.

That being said, since this is a demo, a few suggestions:

-The game feels very slow-paced. Maybe try upping the walking speed and the reaction times anytime someone makes an attack or whatnot.
-The controls are a little clunky, mostly in regards to the inventory system. Overworld movement works better with keyboard, but inventory seems impossible to use without mouse. Maybe let people rebind keys, or give more options so that the inventory is easier to use?
-There's a lot of stuff in combat that's unclear - the 'souls(?)' for the characters and enemies,for example, and what exactly the blue bar is for (since the white bar is obviously health).
-It was also hard to realize what some of the items did - I wouldn't have thought to use the ruler as a weapon without some sort of tutorial or mouseover tooltip, or the pocket watch to skip turns.

Overall though, a game with a LOT of promise, I'm already interested to learn more about the world and story. Just, I think it just needs a few quality of life tweaks.