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Labyrneath II

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It's one thing to find the Fountain of Youth--it's another to get out with any of it. Navigate 15 new levels of traps, obstacles, and enemies on your way out of the jungle.

AWSD or arrow keys to move. Spacebar also doubles as a jump button, and the game supports a controller in everything but menus. P, M, or Enter to pause.

Update: Added a quick and dirty fix to the respawn-softlock problem in the final level. Let me know if this causes any new problems!

Update v2: After numerous requests and complaints (most of them elsewhere), I've changed the way the level Hungry Flower works. The seeds in the second and third phase no longer ricochet; to keep the level from getting too easy in their absence, though, I've changed how much the platforms move in phase 2. They work pretty much the same in the final phase.

Update v3: Breakable blocks respawn when you do in the final level, which should prevent soft locking and having to restart the level. Also made some changes to the level Bullet Platforms, which should make the invisible character glitch much harder to accomplish (that is, harder to accidentally stumble across)

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the ed made no sense wasn't the whole point of the first game to get the fountain o youth wtf

Esse jogo ficou muito diferente do anterior, e foi por isso que não gostei dele. :/


This sequel is divine in everyway. The amount of new level gimmicks are incredible. The puzzles are impressive and leave you trying to figure it out in clever ways. The soundtrack is lax. Amazing is an understatement. Hope you make a another one.

This one definitely focuses more on the platforming than the first game, which is great, since the platforming is so smooth. That does mean you die more often, but that's also why there are more checkpoints and faster respawning. Mixing the forest and the temple adds a lot of visual variety that was lacking in the first game. And there's hints of a bigger story in play as well, without being shoved in your face. It's a huge improvement from the first game, in my eyes.