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Reviews for "Labyrneath II"

I'd be miffed about the misleading cheesecake, if the game wasn't so freakin good.

Really fun game, the plants are annoying to dodge, and I wish there was a pause menu to turn of the music mid game

Yeah i can see why this was frontpaged

This game is dope! I would like to see a buffer for the jump. There were plenty of times that I would jump and it didn't come out. Most likely, because I may have hit the button a few frames too early. Level design was nice, and I like the face that it wasn't too repetitive despite having basic controls. Only thing I didn't like about the design is that some traps were literally on the other side of the frame. So you had to be too careful, although the situation calls for you to be fast.

Pros: Great level design (although, some faults), Awesome Music!

Cons: Controls need to be a little loose

Keep up the good work!

We all know the main marketing point of this game 🍑