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Madness Combat 11: Expurgation

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This cartoon has experienced an inordinately long development cycle. Since the last installment of this series I made fourteen cartoons that expanded the story, but didn't further it. So here we are, one more step forward.

This cartoon is the longest I've ever done. Once again, HUGE thanks to Cheshyre for breathing some serious life into this beast with his music, which once again was a perfect fit. Huge thank you to Cturix, who didn't just help with the audio he took the whole of it under his wing. And big ol' thanks to Cethic for helping me with some slack art that I hadn't done right the first time. and OF COURSE, an ENORMOUS thanks to those of you who have ever chosen to support my Patreon, even once. You literally made this possible.

Future projects will most certainly be employing help. But next up is the finale of the dedmos series so keep a look out for that, as I will be CERTAINLY not taking seven years to animate it.

I hope you like it. Youse guyses are the wind beneath my wings.

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Shit, fuck all madness anyways.

Cethic responds:


RATTLE ME BONES! is just a shortened explanation for tricky now

Just a reminder that this happened because hank wanted a boombox

And here I finally caught up. This is definitely the most over the top entry in the Madness series, enough so that I can't imagine what you would do to top it. It's also one of those animations that has so much great stuff in every scene that I can't even go over every little thing if I wanted to.

One thing I'll say, at least, is that I think the music here might be the best in the series. Big props to cheshyre for that.

Looking forward to what comes next!

I didn't understand almost anything but I loved it