Reviews for "Madness Combat 11: Expurgation"

Dang, I had no idea when the next "Madness Combat" cartoon would come out. I'm glad to know it's now! This is the best thing of any kind I've seen this new year! I'm really mad Wikipedia deleted their article on this! That's how I was able to keep up with it so well until the seventh one! Eh, they're short so I can rewatch them any time.

It's all coming back to me now! I'm piecing together the bits of the story that I had forgotten. It has incredible animation as always and you have no idea at all what will ever happen. Is the finale next? The wait was certainly worth it. 4.83 might be the highest score I've ever seen for a cartoon here.

Funny to think this all started over some dude in a park playing his music too loud.

Have you ever thought about a world where everything is exactly the same except that you don't exist?


This is insanity. This is Madness!