Reviews for "Madness Combat 11: Expurgation"

Thank you so much for finishing this series.
Your animations were a massive part of my teenage years and seeing it finally get continued feels great.

I wish you best of luck to you with your future projects. I am sure you'll continue to create amazing things.

I've been watching this series since I was in middle school and it was one of the things that brought me to NG in the first place. I recently watched the entire series again and noticed how much detail there is; gun recoil, background signs, cracks, bullet holes, blood splatter, discarded bullet cartridges; sometimes I watch these over just to admire all the finer animations and end up noticing something I didn't before. This series, after all these years, still has the same high intensity violence we love and you're a fucking master of your craft. I hope I live long enough to see the finale in 2099.

The cinematics have improved a huge amount compared to his previous works

Krinkels has outdone himself once agin

sweet deity I almost forgot this was a thing it has been so long since the last one, But well worth the wait... PLEASE don't wait years for the next one

So... it finally happened. It's really crazy to see this after so many years. Hopefully it's not another seven until we see MC12!

A lot of stuff feels different this time around. The environment of MC has been degrading and getting more unpredictable since the Improbability Drive early in the series, but this is the first episode where it feels like things really go over the edge.

I like that after all this time, you still keep the camera work minimalistic. A lot of animations (and films) have too many cuts, making it hard to follow the action. Keeping the camera planar, and only moving it as much as needed to keep the characters in the frame, really makes it easy to see everything that's going on, and there's a lot here! Some of the scenes with both Hank and Sanford are still a little hard to follow, since you're effectively watching two fights at the same time. That said, it would have been much HARDER to follow had you pulled any camera gimmicks, which you didn't. The few times the angle changes (eg. showing a first-person view of the gun aimed at Sanford) are well-done and don't take anything away from the final product.

Visually, things are as stunning as ever. You didn't use as many particle effects as the past couple episodes (fire, energy beams, etc.) but the weird black spider cracks give the animation a darker mood and aesthetic which is really cool. The black and white with red is also a lot more striking than it has been in the past, mainly because we don't see ATP agents staining the screen yellow.

All in all, this is a damn good animation. The action is a little slower this time around, but after ten episodes, there's plenty to watch for anyone that just wants to see bodies pile up. Plot-wise, I do think this episode is a bit weak, seeing as the episode is pretty self-contained, centering around Tricky having the halo, only for the Auditor to get it in the end, leaving things roughly the way they were toward the end of MC10. I really wanted to see something more substantial happen.