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Reviews for "Madness Combat 11: Expurgation"

Seriously, I wasn't even expecting for this to happen... I thought madness was over, but here we are again... facing the madness abyss itself and now I can't figure a 12th step of this. Seriously, this serie has been something so important for me since I joined Newgrounds (it actually was the reason I joined Newgrounds in 2007) and yet, here we are. Goddammit, Krinks. You are the best.

I have been waiting almost 8 years for this. I'm not disappointed, but it's certainly different than the previous Madness Combats(5 and 8 are still my favorite). Are Hank and Sanford dead? I guess Madness 12 will reveal that. Hopefully we won't be waiting 7 and a half more years to find out...


"VIOLENCE ACQUIRED" is a quote to be remembered for years to come.