The march of the blobs

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The march of the blobs is a lemmings inspired puzzler made for ludum dare 43 "sacrifices must be made".

It is intended as a little bit more casual by giving you the ability to pop your blobs at your own pace: carefully place the transformed blobs and go wild!

You win the game by having enough blobs reach the bath to disolve in it.

Have fun

-hard mode and another mode are a bit hard, be careful
-you can press P to pop blobs
-you can press space to pause, which will help a lot!
-the 12 what levels are a bit trolly, be warned :)

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Really need help with WHAT IS THIS level 06 "ANSWER IS 7"

The "Restore the Balance" level is really really annoying.
This is supposed to be a puzzle game right? Why suddenly require precise timing and blob placement?

It's not really fun to lose the level because you couldn't place the blob where you knew it should go.

Once the puzzle is solved, executing it should be relatively easy and satisfying.

To fix the level, I recommend removing the turret blob as an option, and increase the blob count to 30. That way, once you figured out the real solution, you can tank some hits in order to get the job done, instead of losing 1 blob due to poor timing and needing to start all over again. It'll also make the level actually possible for people who haven't figured out the exploit required to finish the stage.

Seriously, it seems like you only tested this level with a TAS or autoclicker or something, because you need to click the spawn button super fast, before the stage even loads to fit all of your blobs inbetween the green blobs to avoid losing any.

joqlepecheur responds:

Hi there, a new version is available:

-you can now pause the game with spacebar, making things much easier
-there is an easy mode for more casual players
-4 new "what is this" levels, they are a bit far-fetched though

This is awesome! I love the concept, these puzzles are super interesting.

Really like the improvements that have been made to this game. The changes help and the new "another mode" has some really great puzzles and the new blobs are fantastic. Loved "the blob is a lie" and the "inverted castle".

I think my biggest criticism is how unlenient "another mode" is. I'd spend 15 minutes on a level only to discover that one tiny mistake and I'm screwed. Playing the teleporter on the edge in "the spy" is such a difficult task and yet I lose plenty of time for messing it up once; worst part being I don't know that until later when i can't do anything about it. Difficult puzzles are great and the more skilled focus bits work well in moderation but I don't think being heavily punished for taking only 2 tries at getting a precise part right adds anything to the game. Besides raising the limit, I'm not sure the "delete a blob" and telporter need to cost as much as they do. If I mess up a teleporter I have to not only pay to delete the existing one, but also for a new plain blob and the modification to replace it. In other words, if my math is correct, replacing a teleporter costs 9 blobs.

Criticism aside there's really not any issues left with the game. I guess it could be clearer that the number besides the blob refers to their cost in blobs, rather than that's how many you have as I mistakenly thought but that's about it.

Perhaps a change in music for the different modes would be nice. As great as the game is, after playing for a long while it gets quite exhausting and new music might help with that.

Overall, great game and great improvements. In the end I had to give up at Zen as this was ironically what broke me.

joqlepecheur responds:

thanks for playing and criticism :)
Quick tip on "the spy": it can be finished with 36 blobs with a particular ruse

Not bad; a little bit of polish and this concept could grow! It did take me a little bit too long to understand the controls, but I guess I got it eventually.

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3.86 / 5.00

Jan 4, 2019
5:58 PM EST
Puzzles - Other