Reviews for "The march of the blobs"

you almost got rid of that annoying loud sound that construct seems to have built in
seems you did do it, kudos to you. i got that annoying loud beep once and only once, as my mac was coming out of sleep mode. Also, N+O+P+E is great, i think you ought to expand on this because old farts like me love lemming-like games

Sneaky level 7 on NOPE mode :) Can't get better than 21/24 on level 11 NOPE - I've got wall, wall, speed, stop, speed. Just can't figure another way around. This is very well designed, especially for a ludum dare submission. An expansion pack would be great.

Edit: Figured out 11. Didn't realize you could do something like that. Possible spoiler: wall, stop, wall.

How do you beat lvl 12-Olympic gamers ? Till here, the game was very nice and pleasant.

Please, make more levels, this is amazing

The concept is very great, i need more levels!!!

joqlepecheur responds:

If all goes well I will be able to release 12 before the end of the week.