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Mnémora: The Lenses of Galimán

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Author Comments

Arrow keys or WASD to run, jump, and activate terminals
Spacebar to attack
F for Fullscreen

Gamepad is supported (except for the menu)

This game was commissioned by the Argentine collective El Culebrón Timbal, and it’s based on their 2018 film Mnémora: People, Power, and Time: https://youtu.be/YCV3wQ9_nS4

If you can’t get enough of South American low-budget science fiction and so you’re committed to watching the film, do not worry about spoilers. The game is sort of a vaguely-connected prequel.

Art by Mer Grazzini and sound by Fede Cardinale.

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awesome soundtrack XD


This a great game and has an interesting concept! but it feels short for some reason...

Its possible to wall clip when jumping towards a wall, then tapping the opposite arrow key while still holding down the other arrow keys. While I didn't find any game breaking uses for this, I did manage to abuse this to reach a few medallions without going around the long way that was intended. Other than that, overall great game!

DavidMarchand responds:

Hey, I love that you found that! I knew about it but I was too lazy to hunt it down and fix it :\

In the last level it was possible for Mariana to skip the Lenses that way (the only game-breaking application I can think of), so if you grab them, then jump down to your right, then try to go left, you’ll find an invisible wall I very irresponsibly put there to prevent the skip.

Love it :3
It was challenging but still, I loved it ^^

DavidMarchand responds:

Aw, thank you so much.