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Reviews for "Mnémora: The Lenses of Galimán"

nice. the backtracking is a problem though. why NOT have backtracking? some of us like to explore and get everything... just a thought. ;)

DavidMarchand responds:

Thanks for the comment! Like I said to an earlier comment, we just came up with level design ideas that weren’t easily backtrackable, mostly about falling to a lower area and not being able to jump back up (the whole game is about going deeper and deeper into an underground secret base, so it made sense at the time).

The main Play button leads you to a level select / “overworld” map, and the Extras menu shows you which levels you’re missing collectibles from, so I thought I was taking reasonably good care of my completionist players. I guess I’ll have to be more careful next time.

so just want to give you my limited experience:

at first i was compelled for sure.

third medallion i missed the jump for it and couldn't backtrack because the jump back up was too high. so it was a one-attempt type deal. that is when i was done.

nevermind. i finished it and it was good. but you need to fix that backtracking problem.

DavidMarchand responds:

Thank you for the feedback! We never really intended for the levels to be fully backtrackable, but you’re right that it might be better to never block backtracking right after failing a medallion jump. If it’s any consolation, you can retry any level from the Main menu, and the Extras menu tells you which levels you’re missing medallions from (and, medallions are saved right after you grab them, so no need to finish any level after you beat the game once). Just don’t expect anything fancy to happen if you 100% the game. It just shows you concept art from the movie and the game.

Very impressive. The game is fully voiced with all unique musics on each stages. Although the characters swap mode is a little bit too easy but it's good for the story as it shows how both protagonists are bonded.

DavidMarchand responds:

Thanks! Yeah, in the future I would love to make a puzzle-platformer that’s a little heavier on the puzzle. Since this one was meant as advertisement for a movie, the light puzzles and easy mode option were very much meant for a non-gaming audience. I was honestly too lazy to implement 2 different difficulties for the puzzles :P

La verdad me gusto bastante, se puede apreciar que le pusiste empeño.

DavidMarchand responds:

¡Gracias! Eso es cierto, nos esforzamos.

Can't play it. Physics are way too slippery.

DavidMarchand responds:

Sad to hear about that! If you’d like, there’s an Easy Mode button right under Play on the main menu. Once you enable it you can take more damage from enemies, jumping is uniform, and there should be no horizontal inertia after releasing the run buttons. (There are no other changes to gameplay, levels, or story, and you can switch between modes without losing any progress.)

Obviously there’s no obligation, but I hope you try it out and update the score if the game proves to be better :)