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A Man Goes to the Store to Buy Some Milk

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A Man Goes to the Store to Buy Some Milk

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the greatest story ever made

Pretty good! So its like a man telling a story and rewriting it to make it better... I must say thats a pretty good concept! But yeah drawing needs a tiney tiny bit lf improvement over all 4 stars

Simple yet complex

You keep it simple with the stick figs and drawings but ad a sense of complex with the narrating, Onlything I might ad would be some subtitles, You were actually able to pull off this creative movie I do love your ideas and I encourage you to push them even farthur I am amazed with all that is here Keep that good movies and positive idea coming, This one Leaps into action I thought this was a very nice submission! The coolest part about it was probably how well everything was set up you got a great sense that you were in a world with a lot of nifty ideas and such.

Onlything I might ad would be some subtitles


This is the best story ever told. I love it