Reviews for "A Man Goes to the Store to Buy Some Milk"

classic example of a substandard writer getting bogged down in extraneous details and mistaking a busy story for a meaningful one. listen, i aprpeciate the choice to go for the rarest of the five narrative conflicts (man vs man, man vs society, man vs self, man vs nature, man vs milk) but GROW UP!!!!

no ones going to learn anything from this! first off, i dont have a duaghter, so i cannot POSSIBLY related to this. "milk competition?" get real, ive never eaven heard of something such as this.

honestly i would hope that you take a long hard look at your google document and start over the script from scratch. throw in some gags! maybe the man has cereal and he needs a lot of milk to eat with his cereal, but when he gets back to the cereal, he realizes "[his] spoon is too big!" hehe thats a little reference to an other video i saw online, but sometimes little jokes like that can go a long way!

overall i think the humor in this video is kind of hard to find, so i hope that you can learn to take this advice to heart and hoenstly apply yourself when it comes to future endeavors.

going to givey ou a four point five out of five because one time my dad bought me milk so i could related to that. god bless, and have a happy new year's.


Udderly beautiful

what even is a milk competition?
this went from making me laugh to making me cry.. ;-;

I don't even like milk that much.