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I think Starscream gets stupider every year

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Woohoo!!! Starscream learns that getting glasses makes you S-M-R-T... or does it?... d'oh!

I made this a year or so ago and thought I'd post it here. It's just a dumb Simpsons reference with Decepticons.

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this is incredibly enjoyable but at the same time very stupid!!!

Thoroughly entertained

He shouldve washed those in the sink, he was in a bathroom after all.
This was funny.

lmao. that's class. good animation. good voice acting. okay, so it doesn't sound like Christopher Collins, but who does. that'd probably shatter glass. good job.

Oh this was a blast! I felt like you transported me back in time to dexters laboratory days and then *boop* it was over. I was like noooooooo!