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The Gods Are Angry

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Created in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 43.

The gods are angry. The mountain has awoken. You are a human sacrifice, and your mission is to travel to the mountain and throw yourself into its volcanic crater. Success will mean your death, but if you fail, your tribe is surely doomed...

Left/right arrow keys to move, and Z to jump and advance through dialogue screens.

*02/01/2019: Fixed audio bug in certain browsers (hopefully)
*24/12/2018: Improved collision detection and engine optimisations
*04/12/2018: Further bug fixes and graphical improvements
*03/12/2018: Fixed glitches when completing and/or restarting the game

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It's nice but it needs more, felt boring but I guess the story was written nicely

I was thinking there would be a way to fight it, to just don't jump

Interesting, nice bits of commentary and the expansion on plot was done in a nice and unobtrusive fashion that felt pretty natural. I mean, a lot of the reviews are pointing out the brevity but right now that feels ok because the only other gameplay issue I'd call out is the walking speed feels a little too slow. Just about the only potentially serious problem I've noticed was that after the first play the scrolls never reappear, I'm not sure if that was an intentional part of the setting to establish a commentary on how frequent this was happening or if it was an actual error, but I felt I should mention it.

F1Krazy responds:

That's an error, I hadn't picked up on it until now. Thanks for flagging it up, I'll see if I can get it patched tomorrow.

There was a good premise in the story, but the gameplay didn't complemented it much.
It has great potential though, if you refine more of all the aspects you can do something good

it has a nice story to it, but its really short

Not too impressed, I mean there just isn't much to do but walk and jump, which isn't even challenging because there's no momentum.
Graphics are cohesive. I like the dither shading (is that the right term?)
Also, no sound?
I liked what you were doing with the scrolls, trying to tell a story as you progress, but without any real challenge to keep the player stimulated it fails to stand on it's own.

F1Krazy responds:

I dunno why the sound isn't working for you, you're not the first person to report that. What browser are you using?