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Do you see what I see? - Illusion of Colors (Animated Infographic)

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You see an apple as red. Your friend will also agree with you.
But how do you know that he sees the exact same red as you do?

Colors we see are just a simulation in our brains.
When light lands on an object, the object absorbs most of it and reflects some of the light at a specific frequency level.
These light waves trigger the three types of frequency sensitive cells in our eyes and signal the brain. Then our brains decide the color that we see. The number and the composition of these cells which identifies the light varies from one person to another.

Does this mean that we see colors differently from one another?

When we were kids, we learned all these names of colors because of our adults. As the parents mention the colors, a baby memorizes it in his own way. As long as he lives, he sees the color as he memorized in his childhood.

The sky you see might look totally different to the person next to you. There’s no way of knowing such differences, because we can’t explain colors to another person. It’s like explaining
Our language is not advanced enough to communicate it.

But how most of the people find colors with same specific emotions?
For instance, red represents energy and danger. Blue is a calming and a relaxing color.

This is again a trick which our brains play. We learn these from the things around us.

Let’s say, you see fire. The first thing you feel is danger. Isn’t it?
it means, no matter in what color we see the fire, we incorporate that color with danger and energy.

When we say nature, first thing comes to our mind is trees and plants. So the color we see the trees, we incorporate that with nature.

This means two people can see a color differently and feel the same emotion….

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I don't think any of this, one person's red is another person's blue, is true at all. If that were the case then some people would think green would be a hot color since their red would be blue. If their entire perception of color is shifted then there will be some colors that would be out of reach to see. This is called color blindness. I suffer from this disability. Sorry that I can't convey this properly but I find this info piece rather insulting.

I like the simplistic artwork though.