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Rookie Bowman

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Author Comments

Rookie bowman is a platformer game with boss fights, collectible items, secret rooms, special abilities and much more.

It is about a man searching for a bow in a cave.

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i love this game to no end and i didnt even know it was on here but then i saw that its blocked and now my day is ruined still 10/10 game tho lol

Basically all of the graphics are stolen or they just don't work together. First time playing, it was rather enjoyable but second time, I got a bunch of forced Baby Born ads that I didn't give a shit about. That kinda ruined the game for me.

Edit: I just posted this comment and now I'm getting even more of those ads.

The game is freeze.

Wow thanks so much, you actually provided a full game for free
on newgrounds! It provided atleast 2 hours of entertainment.

Love the mechanic where you can shoot an arrow with your bow
and then teleport to the arrow location. It is something I haven't seen before.
You provide great puzzles to solve with arrow teleportation.
They truly required me to think and get the best out of my skills.
Often found myself trying again and again, discovering new surprising ways
to solve the puzzles. Nor did I find myself cluesless as to what to do
There is always something in sight which makes you think, hmmm what if I went there?
Whether it be an unreachable area, key, or a moving platform.
Also the signposts weren't pointless they actually helped a lot, but didn't
make me feel like they told me everything I had to do with nothing for me
to figure out. They gave hints, exactly the way it should be: just hints!

As for improvement points.

* Bossfight difficulty
This might surprise you, but the first boss fight was actually the hardest part in the game for me.
I spend atleast half an hour of those 2 hours here. I felt like in the first section your skills
are not adequately tested to be able to defeat that boss. After the first section I just got the basics
of arrow teleportation. Where the bossfight required me to have like pro skills with the bow.
I found myself getting killed often in the corner and second most by the boss bouncing off.

The second boss felt adequately challenging after completing the second section.
Felt my skills were tested, but not so much tested that it frustrated me.
The third boss was actually the easiest, felt like my skills were way higher than the boss.
You could basically camp in the right corner, pull lever, jump and shoot.

I would suggest switching the first and third boss.
Or atleast use system of the third boss for the first boss: use your basic problem solving skill with bow: moving
from place to place then add some difficulty to this a bit more than section 1. For example like third boss
you have to move through certain areas (the platforms here) before you can shoot at the boss.

Then for the third boss, you challenged me very well with the difficult puzzles in section 3.
Would have expected a much more difficult boss.
What made the first one really difficult for me is that I had to shoot very fast and controlled to left
and right to get passed the boss. And then also shoot to avoid its bounces.
You could have made a puzzle with this in mind: very fast and controlled shooting.

* Water puzzles. The Water puzzles felt a bit out of place in this game.
Other than providing variation to the constant non-water rooms. They
seemed pretty pointless to me. I played a chinese hacked mario game once
where mario could ride dinosaurs and had to fight aliens.
So in this 1 level there were constant water puzzles.
And in the end you had a boss fight in the water.
This gave the water puzzles meaning in the game.
Perhaps you could devide an entire section to the water puzzles and a boss
or something meaningful with water in the end too?
This would have been a great 4th section boss that would fit after the third section
where you unlock the extra tank and get the most challenging water puzzles (tank + laser).

* Major core improvement / Next level
This game reminded me a lot of Aground, also an RPG with similar music I believe.
While your game is much better as a mechanic mastery game.
Aground added something extra to it, you really got emotionally attached to the characters.
As your crew around the campfire got bigger and the island actually changed.
I think if you really wanna improve your game to the next level.
You should take a look at adding these "effecting your area majorly by your actions"
and "emotional attachment" to the game. Some ideas I could come up with:
- Give your bow more character. You made the bow seem special from the orb
introduction. Why not give the bow a voice? As you solve more puzzles, the bow
could start to like you and will help you with hints about the game.
The bow tells some about it's backstory, or the orb or the cave?
- The weird furry animal bosses in your game sure have character, you could do something more with that.
Unlock a furry pet after killing the boss? Some weird furry civilization inside your cave which is
bullied by the boss? After killing the boss the furry civilization will change, new areas / items are reachable.
Some of the furry civilization can become your pet or join you in battle?
- Make the orb from the beginning more present. After each boss fight, the orb could
come with some remark for example: Well done killing the first boss rookie, but this was just the beginning.
It would be surprising if you didn't beat this boss. A huge plot twist: final boss is the orb???

I actually checked out every room of every section of this game as far as I know.
With the hope of finding new items to make me more powerful.
Also enjoying completing new puzzles when I found them.
It was hard for me to think of improvement points for this
as it was already such a great game.
Hope this was useful and you will try to go next level with your next game.
Looking forward!

mapacarta responds:

Thanks. This is probably the longest comment I have ever recieved. You have good suggestions.

Some other people also complained about unbalanced boss difficulties. This is the first game I added boss fight, I hope I will make it better in my future games. Also after testing the game numerous of times, the developer becomes really good at it and it gets harder to know which part of the game is hard, which is easy. Actually I can easily beat first boss :) and first boss is the boss I tested most. So at some point it seemed really easy to me and I kept making it difficult during the development :)

About water levels, actually I wasn't thinking about adding water to the game when I first started. It was something like a last time thing. After most of the coding, some of the level designs finished I thought about adding more to the game and added a few things. Water was one of them. So it was kind of unplanned. But adding a water boss is a very good idea.

I don't know how many people worked on aground but I developed this game alone. Developing a detailed game alone is really difficult. There are lots of things to work on. And I doubt I can add such an emotion to the game. But I will try it in my next game if I make another game in this genre.

Thanks again for your effort.

Iam NEVER play R.P.G game 1 hour . i loved music so much . PLZ make part 2 and make some changes in graphic but still 2d . 😀❤

Credits & Info

3.77 / 5.00

Aug 26, 2018
2:57 AM EDT