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Mr. Greetings speaks his thoughts on evolution, and why the universe is the way it is. What is he trying to accomplish? Can you find the hidden messages? This episode features the Greeting Robotics blimp, and it's internal structures.

Greetings Robotics CEO voiced by Philip Hersh

Source materials used:
One Hour of Imaginary Celebrities
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The only reasonable answer is 'the creation itself, though self-creating, is not omnipotent yet, and as such does not know where it is headed.' Is this reasonable? Again I feel there is that partitioning, and that a portion of it may such an inkling as to direct its icebergian bulk with great confidence from the shadows.
Ah, sadly, I am only able to clearly dissect as I've been doing in short bursts, and I feel it is leaving me right now, as I have not eaten yet, so enthralled I am with your masterpiece. And no, I do not see it as evil, merely, so vast it cannot be contained in such inadequacy as duality.
The vworp sound reminds me of Doctor Who. heh heh! my GOD your imagery is intense and so very exploratory. But to call it experimental as many might and may have refuses the point, I think. ;)

I appreciate how the audio & music makes the imagery so ominous.

Either Greeting Robotics is a way bigger organisation than i thought it was, or that is an extremely important blimp, however as imposing as they are, blimps are fragile and vulnerable things, kind of the opposite to a skull made of hard bone in order to protect the brain from blunt trauma and other dangers, and yet skulls themselves are not all that hard, when it really comes down to it, they are cracking with the slightest hit, if you trip and fall, and fail to react and protect your head with your arms, there it goes and your head cracks, that rhymed.

Well in any case we ended with a conscious AI merged with the ghost of a god embedded in a blimp, i have no idea what Greeting Robotics was planning with that design other than going all out on the cool factor, but they did it and it is here to stay... until, like all things in life and aeronautics, it ends returning to the earth to stay in there, forever.


And another amazing entry this here is a good series the "NARRATING" is pretty amazing even, love the effects like on the jellyfish reflections I think you should bring the effects up a notch more in your face kind of thing, This seemed to come together well and on top of that you do have something decent here with a driven effort, Your skills on this flash show the effort, and your direction have shown that this can be a success.

love the effects like on the jellyfish reflections I think you should bring the effects up a notch more in your face kind of thing


Didn't know about this series until episode 8 hit the weekly best board. I immediately went through and watched them all. Love your style. Love how your MS Paint - looking drawings come together so beautifully when animated. The falling cigarette in episode one, the upload sequence in this one. Amazing stuff, and so unique. Keep up the spectacular work.

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Aug 5, 2018
4:21 PM EDT
  • Daily Feature August 6, 2018