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Interface | Episode 06

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The episode begins in the elevator leading to the higher levels of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. "Blue Guy" and "Mischief" emerge into a large room with a singular painting next to the elevator (see: Painting). An intercom/PA system announces that the museum will be closing shortly, casually interrupting Mischief throughout. They both inspect the painting and this causes Blue Guy to have flashbacks about his past life. Notable memories include his wife's funeral, the nuclear blast (see: Operation Tumbler-Snapper) and images of the ship's hull seen in Episode 01. Blue Guy's daughter (unnamed) speaks throughout the flashback questioning his mortality. The episode ends with Blue Guy on the floor and Mischief visibly distressed.
Art references:
Geopoliticus Child Watching the Birth of the New Man, 1943
Salvador Dalí

"Parachute, paranaissance (sic), protection, cupola, placenta, Catholicism, Egg, earthly distortion, biological ellipse. Geography changes its skin in historic germination."
- Salvador Dalí

Read more about this painting here: https://www.dalipaintings.com/geopoliticus-child-watching-the-birth-of-the-new-man.jsp

Download Sheetmusic: http://hexsystem.com/documents/Interface%20Episode%2006%20%7c%20Sheet%20Music.pdf
Covers and alterations are cool with me!

Daughter voiced by Christa Elliot https://christaelliott.wixsite.com/voiceover
Museum Staff voiced by Eve Sevigny http://www.evesevigny.com

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4Ce-xG_HIQ
Goodies: http://patreon.com/umami

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in fact the protagonist has an interest.
a reverberation of personality maybe, so much ofvthis content makes me feel something beyond a normality of dross, I want to tell you, this work...
it is art.

So is he the face fused to the ship in ep01 that was shown to be "screaming for help"? Did he leave his family BEHIND afterwards like Mischief states OR did he attend a funeral AFTERWARDS like his daughter stated (therefore NOT leaving his family behind)? Or, maybe, is he just immortal for no reason; separately from anything else?


The Cosmic Egg. The Great Alchemical Work. The Great Spectacle. My god man. This is...
Three Dessicated Embryos? Or am I off the mark?
Perhaps Gymnopedie 03, I believe?
oh man. oh man oh man oh man. I am near-giddy with fascination. Today. I am a fickle creature.

It is almost difficult to explain how much detail and thought went into this movie.The animation not only flows well, but the art looks impressive. There are plenty of Easter Eggs if you keep your eyes open. Keep up your excellent work.

u-m-a-m-i responds:

Thank you Strongbad!