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Author Comments

I'm considering dropping my current project to work on this full time (both are indie projects).

Feedback is very welcome! (I would completely overhaul many aspects of this game, especially the exploration maps)

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Innovative: Asteroids + Repairing your ship while battle,
Wow that's such a cool idea mate.

In the fourth level I felt this experience really strongly ELPandito.
The laser shooting moving purple ship waves made it really fun
had to really focus and figure out how to aim the rocket launcher
on them before I could survive the level.
Constantly I had to switch between fighting then got hurt and had to fix
and then more fighting and got hurt again had to fix.
A couple times the ship even blew up that was so cool man!

I assume this is the feel you are going for with this game.
Based on that I shall give some improvement points.
In the first 3 levels I barely had any difficulty
with the ships. Everytime it got difficult I found this cheat.
I could hide in the ship and fix and when I came back
it was cleared up again. This prevented me from
getting amazing experience of level 4.
Perhaps you could make it so you can only repair your ship when you haven't been attacked
for a certain amount of time? This might add major excitement the kind that would benefit such a feel.

Other point. Right now I don't feel like the gas tanking platforming
adds much to the game.
I suggest removing it and focusing completely on the fighting / repairing part.
You could turn the gas part into like a shop, every time you visit a shop on a different planet
with different items. By destroying ships you would get some kind of space currency which you can then use
to buy grenade launcher rocket, upgrade your ship etc.. etc..
This would enable you to fully focus on the fighting / repairing part and getting that awesome

Keep up the good work dude.
Send me a pm if you going to continue to this game, I would like to follow.
This game got me so hyped, I want to make my own space game now.
And I don't have any passion for space games whatsoever ;)
So imagine how a space game enthousiast will like your game.

PS: I player your game with a mouse
and think the first 2 levels were way too easy, level 3 was good intro to weapons
and level 4 was perfectly challenging for me.
and I played with a mouse, that might have helped.

ElPandito responds:

Hello Sabooo!

First of all, thanks so much for ... well, all this haha, having tried it and enjoyed it and put some thought into it! <3

I think you might enjoy playing the game at higher difficulty levels then (unless you already did and you're just super good?? :O) At the beginning of the game, you can hit the 'EASY' sign with your wrench, and it will adjust the difficulty. It affects the game pace, how much damage things deal to you, how fast you can repair parts etc.

Yeah this kind of crazy multitasking is what I'm going for! Haha.

"Perhaps you could make it so you can only repair your ship when you haven't been attacked for a certain amount of time?"
That's actually a pretty interesting idea! I'm not sure it will be necessary if the amount you repair for each hit is a lot lower, like on Hard difficulty (because then even if you keep repairing, if you take a couple of hits while you're tabbed in the ship you might just die.)

About the exploration mode : I think you're totally right. The exploration mode was somewhat rushed and not very polished, but most of all, it's totally beside the point, as this isn't what the game is about now that I think about it. You know, when I read your comments about the exploration mode, I actually felt a lot of relief, thinking "Wow, I don't even need to fix that thing, much less even make it at all!", and truly it would have been a *LOT* of work to design proper enemies to fight in that mode.

About currency : I will add a form of currency! Woo! It will be called "scraps", and it will be basically scraps of metal you get from blowing up enemy ships, which you can then use to craft things, or trade for goods. (It makes average sense but ay, haha.)

Actually, I will PM you! I could really use some feedback! I haven't worked on Odessa for a while, but I just got back to it, and I plan to polish it and send a demo to publishers (!!!).
(It's not 100% certain I'll end up working on this though, I recently sent a build of an other project called Glitch; ... So I'll go with whatever the publishers want more, if ... well, if they're interested at all haha.)

Yeah the gamepad controls are totally broken anyway LOL. Fixing that right now.

Yo, again, thanks! It was good reading your comments!


Credits & Info

3.54 / 5.00

Jul 30, 2018
2:40 PM EDT
  • Daily 4th Place August 1, 2018