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You read that right; it's quite an experimental game genre. You have to type in every command for your character to execute (ie right, go, turn, bow, etc.)

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Very interesting! I didn't got that far, but I enjoyed it! I would love to see some kind of delay command. For example, "Right delay3sec stop", obviously not the best choosing of words on my side, but I think you get the point. In that example, the character would start moving, and in 3 seconds he would stop. Obviously some shorter alternative would be better, so people wouldn't have to type such a long sentence. Delay could add little bit more depth and planning. Otherwise fun game!

ElPandito responds:

Haha, it's actually possible but not quite explained. If you type jump(3) your jump will only happen after three 'ticks' (its actually five frames each tick), I didn't quite take the time to explain it in game tips but it's there in the options menu. :P

I think maybe a wait(5) function would be clearer though right? I thought about implementing that. Ah, right, but as for your going right example, you can specifically set a distance for movement functions, so simply typing right(5) will go 5 units right and then stop, without even typing stop. :P

Thanks for trying out Glitch! Ah, did you find it too difficult by the way?

While difficult in some places, i like this premise.
I see a lot of effort put into this and i look forward to seeing what you do with it.
Adding copy/paste abilities is really nice
and you added a "die" command which gets instant points from me

Seems like your main game is mostly complete- to the main movement though
Id say add a sort of "ghost" to movement when you start to plan it-
Like when typing [right(60)upright(60)], i should see a planned path- to make sure ive put in the right numbers.
And, to add to that, a "wait" command, not necessarily STOP, but wait, with () being the time, in seconds

Id say if you add that- you've got yourself a real winner

Good luck
Great so far

it starts lagging around the third level and it crashes

ElPandito responds:

Thanks for testing, and making it this far, too! By third level, you do mean you've finished two complete levels, or the third room of the introduction?

I'll really have to optimize the game better I'm afraid, I'm running it on a high end computer not realizing how heavy it is. :|

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3.01 / 5.00

Jul 30, 2018
2:36 PM EDT