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A Recipe for Bad Dreams

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An old chef heads to the usual marketplace to buy ingredients for the special of the day but runs into some trouble. I hope his cooking doesn't give you nightmares...


omg I can't believe I finished this on time. What started as a simple idea by me and VickiChomps kept growing into my most ambitious animation yet. Funny how you go big when there's a time limit... Some additional scenes had to be cut due to time restraints, but I'm pretty happy with what I ended up submitting. I also wanted sound fx, especially for the fight sequence, but ran out of time. o well... Regardless, I'll probably keep working on this in my spare time to polish it up. It was really fun!

Big thanks to Bosa for writing a score for part of this animation. Couldn't have done it without you!


tl;dr: making this was a nightmare


Update: Thanks for 1st place in the first round of the summer jams everyone! As for participating in the rest of the jams, I just landed a new job, so I might be down for the count for the rest of summer... Maybe... I also reuploaded a newer, more complete version of this movie. Enjoy!

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This one has a very good anime vibe!!!

So cuteee

omg animation in this is top notch!

this is pretty good

My favorite kind of grandpas are the ones that are determined and can fight even though they are old.