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A Life Without Facebook

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Spent about 2 months on this production. I wanted to make this as good as I could as an introduction to NOX. I've got a series of these planned if the response is good.

It took a long time to develop the look and character. I've been running tests on it since october. The style is made by filming my acting at half speed, then speeding it up and heavily editing the motion. The rest was UV lights and After Effects filters.

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I love this man

poor man got ruined by Facebook. Facebook is now dangerous

This is both SO funny, and extremely well edited. Good job!

Man, the aesthetic on this is mesmerizing. I love it! Great work, man! Such high production quality.

I went through a similar hallucinatory struggle when I was priming to quit FB. Good times. Don't miss it at all...now where's my Notifications??? Reeee~