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Reviews for "A Life Without Facebook"

Destroy the child! Corrupt them all!

Gotta say this is a massive upgrade from that unfunny political circlejerk of a movie you made last time. I love how the live action sequences feel like they're animated.

Creatively, this video is very good. Good mixture of real time video and drawn animation, with a Frank Miller feel. The music and audio cues during the vid? On point.

You bring a lot of topics to the table in regards to FB. The fact that facebook have algorithms to spam videos based on what people watch or what they 'like', therefore skews your thought process on what you lean towards, and this especially could be seen in current and recent elections in the UK and US. The more videos you watch based on say anti or pro immigration, the more of that particular content you will watch. Your personal reality becomes shifted and augmented during the process, without you actually realising it as facebook only show you one side of the coin and not the other. It therefore convinces you of a reality that isn't true and you begin to doubt less of your 'true' reality, so to speak.

You are right. The fact that this data can be sold, means that politically, vasts populations can be mentally 'controlled' to the buyers will...whoever they may be, which terrifies me. It is more effective than any newspaper or TV headline because face it...who doesn't have a phone now a days, especially with Facebook?

In relation to marketing sales? You could have viewers spammed with one particular brand so that they get influenced to buying that particular food/ beverage.

And to those who don't have facebook? It doesn't change anything. Sure, facebook can't get you, but for every 1 that doesn't have it, there's a few hundred who have and that makes more money than a few who don't use it :(

Personally, facebook is only good to know what friends and family are up to. I take facebook vids with an open mind and a pinch of salt. If there are any questionable headlines? Research the news on various sources . Other than that, facebook whether we like it or not, is here to stay, unless another big social media site comes along to challenge it, but it will probably be another version of the same thing, with different name and logo. Sad times. But heyho.

At least I have 'free will' :S *checks that video of a monkey shaking his ass*...wonder who convinced me ??

Amazing! Really Glad I subbed!

Gold, simply PURE GOLD!