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Four Minutes to Midnight 5 Points

solve a puzzle b/w 3 and 4 minutes time

Total5 5 Points

Solve 5 puzzles

Done-zo in 3 Minutes 10 Points

solve a puzzle b/w 2 and 3 minutes time

L1 10 Points

Solve all puzzles from L1

Total10 10 Points

Solve 10 puzzles

Total15 10 Points

Solve 15 puzzles

L2 25 Points

Solve all puzzles from L2

Total20 25 Points

Solve 20 puzzles

L3 50 Points

Solve all puzzles from L3

Made it in 2 Minutes 50 Points

solve a puzzle b/w 1 and 2 minutes time

In a Minute 100 Points

Solve a puzzle in less than 60 seconds

L4 100 Points

Solve all puzzles from L4

Total40 100 Points

Solve 40 puzzles

Author Comments

Sudoku is one of the most popular puzzles enjoyed by people all over. The objective is to fill a 9 by 9 grid with numbers from 1 to 9 such that no row,no column or 3 by 3 sub-grids have a repeating number. There can be more than 1 solution to a puzzle.
Have fun.
Made this in about a day. There is a possibility of adding more puzzles if anyone is interested. Bugs will be fixed ASAP.
Update 1 :: Added a scoreboard and basic stats tracker. Fixed the medal issue pointed out by Optimos(https://optimos.newgrounds.com/). Scoreboard will accept scores automatically when you solve all the puzzles. It is very exclusive in that sense.
Update 2: I dont have the source project anymore, so there wont be any updates. Apologies for troubles.
You can follow me here : https://nitinkumar25195.newgrounds.com/follow
You can check out my other games at :

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When doing this always click the number 0 so it highted you can click before and make it 10,,20,30 etc.
Ok I love me some sudoko with in the first few puzzles had all the medels except where you had to solve so many and ones from each group.
I like the game but 40 random boards gets repetive for most.
Flaws with the timing mechanic
What no medal for 30 solved?

If anyone's curious about the average time of 1 minute, I can assure you that I did this without hacking or cheating or whatever. The borders between the boxes are really unclear, so I had to take a screenshot of each level and draw on them using the snipping tool. When you've clicked off of the game, the timer pauses, so the only time I spent in game was entering in the numbers. I have no idea how long I actually spent on average for each level.

Does exactly what it says on the tin! Some challenging puzzles in there. Despite solving all of them I did not unlock the last 2 medals however...

Medals appeared to be unlocking fine up until L3 should've unlocked. Scoreboard similarly did not work. Not sure what's wrong, seeing how all the puzzles appear to be completed (green).

That aside, I'm not a fan of the puzzles that have multiple different solutions, or the fact that the modifiable squares can actually hold strings larger than a single character, which can make players unaware that they've currently got a second digit (usually the 0 that was originally in there) in the field that will make the puzzle's check throw up an error.

nitinkumar25195 responds:

Had some plans to improve this. Dont have the source anymore so this is just there. Sorry for the trouble.

not easy to look at at all. the ui was pretty bad honestly

nitinkumar25195 responds:

Cant update. Don't have the source files.

Credits & Info

2.95 / 5.00

May 13, 2018
5:46 AM EDT