Expo-Wave - Part 1 - The future of gaming

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The future is here!

Expo-Wave is the world's first brain waves gaming system.

Play in an unbelievably realistic experience without any physical contact, it all goes on in your mind!

Explore an adaptive endlessly expanding game world where you'll experience gaming like you never did before!


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Hahaha the voice is really funny. I laughed a lot.

HeadbanGames responds:

Thanks mate!

Check out his song, he's much funnier when he sings, I think... :)


איני צריך עזרים גם עכשיו. נשמע מעניין.

HeadbanGames responds:

תודה :)

Lip sync's not always on sync, but apart from that: sounds intriguing! Nice voicing, music and all.


HeadbanGames responds:

Thanks, I will work on the lips sync some more!

I worked some more on the lip syncing.

Not bad, intriguing. Israel?

HeadbanGames responds:

Yes and you?

Lip sync can be better, but high quality sound that matches with the pixel art of the video, with proper words used, makes this the ultimate advertisement. Definitely going to sign up. :o

HeadbanGames responds:

Thanks, I worked some more on the lip syncing.