Starbarians meet Ark & Kerrigan

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This is my tribute to these two amazing series, & to Newgrounds.
I hope that Harry and Joseph (LegendaryFrog) like it:

I don't know what Joseph will think. I'm very cuel with his characters, ha ha. But man, I like Ark & Kerrigan from the first time I saw it.
If you haven't seen "Kerri's Big Invention" you MUST watch it before continuing on Newgrounds: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/135265
He wants to make new animations of his series after so long. That would be great!
What he has been doing at the moment are small comics:

4 weeks of full-time work to do it. Oh man. I drew it as fast as I could.
I could have drawn the shadows. I could have drawn the brightness of the armors. Other details ... but I couldn't spend more time on this. But it's ok, feedback is welcome.

Animation, coloring, voices of Ark & Kerrigan, script... By me.
Killgar & Hogstrong voiced by Stanpai.
Voices of "Awesome Raptor" at the beginning, from "Metal Gear Awesome 2" - Arin Hanson
Sounds effects from freesound.org, soundbible.com & me.

Scheming Weasel slower - Kevin MacLeodKevin MacLeod
Run - Ethan Meixsell
March of the Spoons - Kevin MacLeod
Sneaky Snitch - Kevin MacLeod
By the Sword - Ethan Meixsell

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Twitter | https://twitter.com/SuperColoroid

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because of the ridiculous voice i couldnt even tell that was a woman lol

yep sell it as a weapon the enemy will sure be fucked XD

Not enough cameos.

Loved all the cameos.

EWWWWW Go Animate?!?!?