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-Stephen Hawking

Leave us a review, and be sure to let us know what your favourite part of the episode was and what themes you'd like to see us explore in the future.

FlowDownStream is a series created by a central team assembled here on Newgrounds.
If you'd like to join the team, or if you'd like to contribute to just one or a few episodes as a guest animator, message GoodL or shoot us an email at:

This episode was directed (compiled and edited) by Sro.

{The FlowDownTeam}
GoodL https://goodl.newgrounds.com/
Kolumbo https://kolumbo.newgrounds.com/
Horsenwelles https://horsenwelles.newgrounds.com/
JacobTheSomething https://jacobthesomething.newgrounds.com/
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TheMarooned https://themarooned.newgrounds.com/
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WillSpencer https://willspencer.newgrounds.com/
PoliWall https://poliwall.newgrounds.com/
BarfBart https://barfbart.newgrounds.com/
Sro https://soundcloud.com/s-r-o
CzySzy https://czyszy.newgrounds.com/
littlbox https://littlbox.newgrounds.com/

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really cool.

FlowDownStream responds:

Thank you!

That is one heck of an art. You don't need some heated up reference to make a video about the Internet, what you did is you put a character towards the Internet, and also the users of it. The straight-up metaphors and messages added with some frightening atmosphere can result into a great video with a wonderful story. The animation got the nostalgic vibe, it somehow looks like a really old visual from an old music video. I don't mind the random sequence but the ending is like forcing you to watch the video again and again for how such a masterpiece it is.

FlowDownStream responds:

Glad you enjoyed it!

Weird. I loved it!

FlowDownStream responds:

Thank you!

No stars, because you can't vote higher than five.
Great job guys, this is really trippy and i like trippy stuff. :)

FlowDownStream responds:


Yo this is bonkers.
I didn't realize it was a collaborative effort until the end, and so it was my understanding that every jump and change was meaningful and intentional. That made it really cool to watch.
I do sort of wish this had a different core action statement than "internet kills," because I liked where it was going with exploring the depths of your consciousness within the trance of the LED screen. I wanted to feel continually more unhinged, but instead it sort of let up and left itself to a silly ending.

Weird, though! I dig it.

SroSocial responds:

But was that really the core statement? Or just half of it. There was no period, so what does it kill?

Maybe Space has your answer.