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Reviews for "Internet"

Scary videos made by even scarier men.

Holy fuck, this is creepy :0

FlowDownStream responds:

Glad you can appreciate a little creepiness in your life :) Thanks for the stars.

we are the gateway to telepathy. we are the soldiers of the nu universal understanding.

we create the design inside and outside our own passages of time when we are able to mentally accept it.

the pushing force of time and the pulling force of gravity and the wandering force of electromagnetism and the chosen force from living beings all make this review of a cartoon I helped make.

we are all piling information with these funny bits of characters and movements to make noises and oh wait this review doesn't have text to speech.

What did I just watch?......


So weird, I love it!

FlowDownStream responds:

Thanks so much!

Weird. I loved it!

FlowDownStream responds:

Thank you!