Reviews for "Internet"

Yo this is bonkers.
I didn't realize it was a collaborative effort until the end, and so it was my understanding that every jump and change was meaningful and intentional. That made it really cool to watch.
I do sort of wish this had a different core action statement than "internet kills," because I liked where it was going with exploring the depths of your consciousness within the trance of the LED screen. I wanted to feel continually more unhinged, but instead it sort of let up and left itself to a silly ending.

Weird, though! I dig it.

SroSocial responds:

But was that really the core statement? Or just half of it. There was no period, so what does it kill?

Maybe Space has your answer.

That last guy taking that other guys hat hmmmm... confused about that part! Otherwise this was great, and good call with the credits at the end, seems the trippiest parts are the GoodL ones. :) Really like the style, the mesh between animated and real, not sure I realized this was such an open collaboration with the last one! Context stays eh... somewhat continuate, although random jumps seem unavoidable for a project such as this. Also hey, no need to apologize (though for what? XD)! Good stuff.


FlowDownStream responds:

That was in reference to what you said on the last one about context, figured you might feel similarly this time around :) Thanks so much for the support, always happy to hear your thoughts and the stars are much appreciated.

Interesting concept yet mildly weird. If you wanted it to look like some kind of old school video from the old school internet then you succeeded FlowDownStream. Well done team!

FlowDownStream responds:

It definitely has that old internet feel to it, I agree. It's probably safe to say that is because most of us have been on NG for years. Thanks for the review and support!

What did I just watch?......


So weird, I love it!

FlowDownStream responds:

Thanks so much!

we are the gateway to telepathy. we are the soldiers of the nu universal understanding.

we create the design inside and outside our own passages of time when we are able to mentally accept it.

the pushing force of time and the pulling force of gravity and the wandering force of electromagnetism and the chosen force from living beings all make this review of a cartoon I helped make.

we are all piling information with these funny bits of characters and movements to make noises and oh wait this review doesn't have text to speech.