Deluded Hero

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This is my entry for the Construct 3 Jam.


X - Atack
Arrow Keys - Move
Space - Skip Cutscene


Wow, I wasn't expecting that making this game would've been so hard, especially with only 40 events.

Hope you enjoy!

Sound Effects used in the game

"Wind, Synthesized, A.wav" by InspectorJ of Freesound.org
"Dark Ambience" by PatrickLieberkind of Freesound.org
"sword 02" by nextmaking of Freesound.org
"Blood Hitting Window" by Rock Savage of Freesound.org
"sfx_thunder blast" by bajko of Freesound.org
"Explosion_01" by tommccann Freesound.org

I'm sorry if I forgot to tag some sound, I was really late to upload the game.


Well. It's a game , I guess. Can't say that I enjoyed it but i didn't have to. Hitboxes could be cleaner, a save point before the boss, it's pretty clear that the castle is a trace of Dracula's castle from symphony of the night.

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Not bad for your first time.
Although, let's admit it, you totally ripped off Castlevania's castle entrance (from SOTN, AOS, HOD) with the most parts of your castle level. But the tiles are certainly drawn by you, you have my respect for that.
Now, let's get to the bad parts:
1.Enemies: That endless spam is waaay too cheap. Give them real AI, make them wander the room and/or follow the player, give them attacks.
2.Speaking of attacks - add a few for the player. That one swing is just booooooring. Make combos, different attacks, etc. But, I must commend ya, you have made an attack for each position, that means you do know what you are doing.
3.Boss. Let's be honest: Dumb, Bland'n'Boring. He lacks any real AI, although he does have some semblance of one. Give him cool attacks, make him more threatining to a player, make him at least somewhat smart!
4.Story - overdone way too many times already. It needs progression, twists. Or you just need to stop beating the dead horse of "we are the bad guy" story. It's your choise, really.
Make some real battle system, for both Player and enemies!
Make some more story!
Make more gameplay mechanics and variety! Whether that would be enemies, stages, stage hazards, or just visuals!

Have a good day man, you've earned it.

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Yipcks responds:

Hey, very good tips sir, I'll certainly use thos in a futurw project.

Thanks for playing my game and for the great advises!

First enemies hit you before you could attack them then the space bewteen character and the jumping slabs is too small and its hard to pass

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Yipcks responds:

Indeed, you mean the space between the slabs and the floor?

In my head you were supposed to kill them to get through.

Anyways, thanks for playing mate!

The game is amazing, I love this challenging part in it, those segments that can drive you nuts, because you know how to do it's just you mess up and you're pushed back. It's nice that there is variety and each challenge is not too long to get tedious.
When I wasn't sure where to go and if I should jump, I went back and saw the horde of monsters it was quickly decided to rush into the unknown ahead. :D

I bug found is when you reach the boss, first time I jumped no the platforms and was stuck in mid air during the cinematic, all I saw was the bosses head while I flew in the sky and after the cinematic was over my hero fell into the sword of the boss... It was bloody XD
So far that's where I've reached and I'm still puzzled how to handle Mr. Boss-kun.

Yipcks responds:

Thanks for playing! I really appreciate that you liked it sir.

Hmm, that bug is frustrating, I've found it after I had uploaded the game.

I feel Like this Game could be used more as a Prototype for another game,
Im not sure how much time you were able to spend on this game because in the authors notes it says "Construct 3 JAM" so I'm going to review this assuming its not been rushed.

First off:Gorgeous Character Design its amazing that they Blend in with the Background yet pop out, props to you on that.
Second:the controls feel weirdly stiff yet slippery, i know that good controls are really hard to get down, i see that CastleVainia was an inspiration but, that game was built around those clunky controls and hardly had areas where you had to jump alot. It does feel good to hit things though.
Third:There is just alot of dead space, you might have been building up drama for whats going to be next but, the music gets in the way of that. All of the emptiness at first made me think this was a .exe game.

This could be an excellent game it just needs Structure, Good level design,
(and in my opinion) Less story.
Keep doing what your doing and ill be sure to look at what you do in the future

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Yipcks responds:

Thank you so much for this man!

I'll make some level design studies when possible.

I'm not currently workin on any other game, because I'm focusing on my animation for now, but I will certainly make another game in the future.

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2.72 / 5.00

Apr 8, 2018
11:37 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other