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Eden Lost : A Hero's Journey [Prototype 1.01]

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My dream ever since I was a child as most of us is to become a video game developer. Here is my first step towards making one, "Eden Lost: A Hero's Journey".

Working Version!: (Check this one out instead, the html5 is broken)

"The Html5 export is broken in game maker studios 1.4"
-Enemy A.I. Broken (Fly across the screen)
-Collecting Ore's or Wood from rocks and trees crashes the game
-The animated water textures have disappeared...
-An assortment of other glitches due to HTML5...

To get the full unbroken experience check out the Patreon and download the public demo for FREE! If you like what you see or play I would greatly appreciate the support to make this dream possible!


-Z: Magic(Spam It! XD) "WIP"
-X: Attack
-C: Roll
-I: Inventory

-SPACE: Action (Interact, Pickup,Talk)
-SHIFT: Run(Hold)
-ESC: Pause
-ARROW KEYS: (To Move Player, Inventory Menu)

STORY: (Prologue)
A world once perfect, but now filled with monsters is slowly losing its magic! A goddess from another world by the name of Pandora set forth a fiendish plot; to mate with a male of the new world and produce a child that would bind her to it. In doing so she was able to bring monsters to that realm and its slowly replacing the blissful perfection with her corruption.

The gameplay is an action/adventure RPG Zelda-like game, with puzzles and events to take place similar to NPC in Majora's Mask. Each town has a story and a problem to overcome to continue the plot. "FULL DESCRIPTION ON THE PATREON PAGE"

>lchavasse ( www.lchavasse.newgrounds.com ),
~:Lonely Forest:~ (Main Menu Theme)

>rchirino ( www.Rchirino.newgrounds.com ),
A forest theme (Player's Forest Theme)

>Burningleos ( www.Burningleos.newgrounds.com )
Humble Abode (Kaiser's House Theme) - (House Theme)

>punk7890 ( www.Punk7890.newgrounds.com )
Cave Theme (Cave Theme...)

>???(Looking For Name: Newground.com)
Sea-side Town Theme (Kazar Port)

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What I find more potential inside of a game is not the modern 3d ones with mostly a repetitive storyline or mechanics. Indy games like this one is what I pursuit, and I hope you continue your ambitions.
Not much to say, I enjoyed your prototype.

ManyWoundZ responds:

Wow! That comment really made my day! XD Those words mean a whole lot, and I hope that I can deliver on that. I most definitely will work hard towards that goal! Have a good one!