Parking Spots : Foamy The Squirrel

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A Rant about parking and the idiots who can't do it...

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This is so freaking true in germany, everywhere some LITERAL ASSHOLE parks their car in 2 spaces, once my friend tried to park and some moron parked their car so it took 3 SPACES!!! I don't drive, my friend does, I decide to be eco friendly and ride a bike

Can't relate as much to this one as the prerequisite for parking would be: a car. :) But entertaining, no doubt. Good stuff.


you just said my entire viewpoint on handicapped parking! XD

I enjoy that this character hasn't changed from how I remember as a teen. Parking is a fun thing to bitch about. I'd like him to rant about people who are responsible for their own obesity now getting that same 'disability' and taking up parking spaces because they won't stop eating. Food for thought. Ha. Get it. Roadkill gets it.

I was so shocked at 1:55 into the video. Has the day finally come that Foamy has gotten a newly drawn frame of animation!?

Other than that, nice rant, I enjoyed it. :)