Reviews for "Parking Spots : Foamy The Squirrel"

when the hell did you return to the newgrounds?

You forgot to mention all the people with oversized cars, trucks, and vans who park in the spaces designated "small car only".

There's also the classic park in such a way that it blocks in some other car(s) thus when you go to drive home you can't because someone has parked in such a way they're blocking your car in so you have to go do other stuff for a while and hope whoever it is drives off by the time you get back.

And it seems like about 3/4s of the vehicles in parking lots and on the roads are these huge oversized trucks or vans. Yet you hardly ever see people using them properly -- they mostly just use them as cars. If you're using a truck, haul something. If you're using a van, drive with more than two people. Or else just use a car.

There's also the classic don't bother to use your rear view mirrors or look back and just blindly back up in the parking lot, thus greatly increasing odds of hitting other cars, objects, or people. And who can forget the speed race through the parking lot types?

If someone does manage to hit your car through their parking lot stupidity, they almost never stick around to own up to it or leave you a number to call or anything. I can respect someone who owns up to their mistakes and tries to make things right, but how many times do you get a person like that versus a complete coward who eschews all personal responsibility?

but ... but i love parking sideways D:

Whoa! My folks and I always have trouble finding a good parking spot when we go out and get stuff that we actually need. We have to do three-way turns, sometimes we go in a circle until one person comes out of a good parking spot and afterwards, we have to watch traffic so that no one bounces us down. Eeessshhhh!!!! Needless to say, Foamy hit the right notes about this subject.

you just said my entire viewpoint on handicapped parking! XD