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Touchy Cube

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Level 1 5 Points

Complete Level 1

Level 3 5 Points

Complete Level 3

Level 5 5 Points

Complete Level 5

Level 7 10 Points

Complete Level 7

Level 9 10 Points

Complete Level 9

Level 11 25 Points

Complete Level 11

Level 13 25 Points

Complete Level 13

Level 15 25 Points

Complete Level 15

Level 17 50 Points

Complete Level 17

Level 19 50 Points

Complete Level 19

Level 21 50 Points

Level 21

Level 23 100 Points

Level 23

Level 24 100 Points

Level 24

Author Comments

Place the red cubes of the cube on the other red cubes to finish a level.

Level to hard? Skip it. Click the wheel at the right bottom and go to level select and choose another level.

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Well, starting with a game that's main mechanic--the flash bomb, or whatever it is--misfires more often than it works (if you're in the bottom 1/3 of the screen, usu just forget it, and you can't just hold back until you need it either, but it has to be something you've been already keeping up), and the strange fact that the game awards the medals when you get to the stages (most of the time) rather than when you complete them, unless it just misses it altogether, this game has no reason to be online with this many bugs.

I'm actually surprised I even got through half of the game given how rarely anything in the game works. Part of it was perseverance. The other part of it was wanting to say, "ha, I beat it anyway. Who made who? Making a game whose sole function is to see how much it can infuriate me... wrung fists, hand gestures, and barely restrained urges and motions to either break or throw various computer components."

Anyway, another reason I can't give this game anything is because I know I've heard some of this music before. I think it was from a kupo707 game. If it isn't the exact music or a parody, it's at least derivative, and I get tired of people taking credit for that which they shouldn't. No, I'm not one of these butt-hats that has a constant hard on for Matt: in fact, I think there are a few titles of his that flat suck because there's a lack of improvement / worthwhile additions or he simply doesn't take into consideration problems that his games actually do have, but that's another story for a different time.

I'd say thanks for the points and the medals, but I poured my time into it (only because it was there), so I deserve it. That's no reason for it to affect this score. Also, even though I'm not counting against you or the score, I will still mention it: level 23 was just friggin' mean. Everything else was easy by comparison... or at least could have been, anyway.

omfg all i had to do was click the wheel at the bottom to get the medals???? im j/k i medal hunt but the satisfaction of earning them, especially the hard ones, is the best part.

Very nice game

So first of all this was a really tricky game but thats what I really liked about it you have some nice style the effects are nice and you made it really hard to acheive and thats ok with me the medals are a nice touch to keep it exciting very nice game here, It does get really tough about level 7 ish but overall this was a fun game

A fun game no major changes needed I would suggest maybe some upgrade options like sfatey nets gravity pulls and pushes might be one idea.


Must admit a couple of these levels had me aggravated to the point of giving up, but I'm glad I persevered all the way through it! The idea's a fun one, the levels varied, the mechanics good (though sometimes the click feature bugs out and doesn't have an impact on the block - right when you start a level - maybe some kind of click/time limitation), and in the end it all felt like a pretty accomplishing session. Victory! It's a mechanic that's possible to master with precision and timing, too. Good albeit sometimes aggravating fun.


MrNannings responds:

Thanks. Great review!