Reviews for "Touchy Cube"

I beat all the levels but some of the metals aren't working please fix it

As for the game play the difficulty was a little random. level 23 was a lot harder than 24 for example.

Although the idea is nice and the music is fun, the game itself is rather unresponsive. I've found myself clicking the box only to have it stay in place, and move in the following click or two. It is quite disadvantageous in this sort of game.

Pretty fun game! It gets harder the more you play it, the only issue is that the first medal doesn't work (at least for me), I've already played level 1 like 10 times and it's still locked...appart from that everything else is awesome!

its good, but a platformer is not an accurate description, and maybe power level select (with presets not full control) would make it better

Fun, but gets difficult fast. Also, for some reason i didn't get any medals for beating the levels