The Grape Escape

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UPDATE: Complete release on Steam coming later this year.

You play as a grape named Barry, who's seemingly met his end at the dreaded Jam factory. But Barry doesn't go down easily. Escape the Jam Factory in this fast-paced platforming adventure


Move with the arrow keys/WASD, jump with spacebar, and interact with Up/W.

The xbox360 / xbox one gamepad are also supported and highly encouraged.




A very funny game with a very nice concept. There is not acctually a story behind what we are doing in the game, it's a concept. Still we can imagine what is happening to our comrade grape.
I enjoyed several minutes (and lifes) on this game. It's somehow adictive, hard but not too much, there's a nice soundtrack obviously not copyrighted (lol), the character has expressions even in few bits and that's something to take note.
The controls are smooth and not heavy, the jump and Grape's Speed are nice.
I liked the funny way the purple color was in the walls symbolizing grape blood haha, makes me feel trapped and relieved at same time haha.

Fun game, it reminds me a lot of Super Meat Boy. The pixel graphics are nice and so is the music

A vegetarian Meat Boy Lite

In one of the last levels - the one with a sign that reads "Balcony" - I cannot achieve vertical jump height to jump over 2.25 saw gears straight after conveyor platform no matter how long and hard do hold space bar with either of my two keyboards. I can complete game up to that point in 12 deaths, but I cannot get past that point with more then 400 attempts over multiple game sessions. It annoys me I cannot complete this game. I test my jump height at start of this level and it is random. When jumping while standing an entrance doors straight up I can sometimes touch ceiling and sometimes I cannot. Space bar is pressed to max always. The conveyor can be utilized to increase horizontal distance, but vertical height required is seemingly impossible.

I was really angry and wanted to give this no stars, but I decided to give two just in case if it is something wrong with my system. Never had such problem in any other game trough. I would give this game a 7/10 if not for this game breaking issue.

If it's something I can fix on my side I would appreciate help.

Mattykins9 responds:


I'm sorry to hear that you had trouble completing the last level. I've not seen this issue before, would you mind private messaging me some more information about your system? Like which browser and browser version you used, what processor/ram/graphics card you have etc? And I can help diagnose

Thank you so much for playing though and taking the time to write a review!

Fun, simple plaformer- enjoyed it. I liked the 3-colour graphics scheme, having controller support, and the level design was fairly good.

Writing a review for this is pretty difficult for me on the basis that I find it to be a functional game, perhaps even somewhat enjoyable and have a lot spirit to compared to its obvious influence, Super Meat Boy, but at the same time I found it difficult to play this because it was too similar to Super Meat Boy, and is not nearly as polished as Super Meat Boy. Now this is where things get complex for me. When I review a flash game, I try to compare it to the integrity of other flash games that can be considered similar to the genre. The reason this is a problem is because the game harkens so much to Super Meat Boy that I have to draw the obvious comparisons first and foremost, and also because I have not played a good platformer on Newgrounds for awhile since I have not been using this site as frequently as I used to. This includes the more basic Meat Boy flash game on Newgrounds not to be confused with the full multi-platformed title of the "Super" variety.

While having a similar function to Super Meat Boy, it was the lack of variety in challenges and environments that was rather offsetting for me. Maybe the game would have opened up further on, I don't know because I stopped playing at the balcony, but having the starting levels as the same generic black-grey environments and using sawblades and conveyor belts that are too typical to the genre had made me not want to play anymore. Not enough was changing, not enough was happening.

So I'm going to give this an average score, but I hope that's not the take away because scores don't matter much to me. I didn't hate the game, I just was not impressed by it... and yet it had the more appealing challenge of Super Meat Boy, but at the expense that it couldn't be challenging the way Super Meat Boy is because it lacks the variety of Super Meat Boy. I don't believe any game should hold merit solely on being difficult. If games were good because they were hard, then Commodore 64 would have taken over the gaming market.

My advice on improvement would be the introduction of more mechanics at a quicker pace and also having a gimmick that could serve as a gameplay mechanic, but more specifically as a form of entertainment. You know what I think is the funnest part of Super Meat Boy? Watching all my failed attempts running alongside the successful Meat Boy in the replay. Is this important to the gameplay? Nope. Is this a mechanic to use or abuse? Nope. That replay is there to inspire confidence and to laugh with your friends while they watch it with you. 50 attempts is far more satisfying if you get to see the progress of your success shown with the piles of corpses you left in the road to glory.

So in short:
It wants to be Super Meat Boy, but isn't. It may not be as good as Super Meat Boy, but this is also a basic flash game. It may just be a basic flash game, but other flash games exist that do the genre better. So this game is more or less an "average" experience on Newgrounds.

(And for those who wonder the reason I quit playing was not boredom, it was because my fingers started hurting for reasons not associated with the game. When I got back on I decided to review, but decided I didn't feel like completing the game first before reviewing... something I try to do even if I don't succeed.)

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3.62 / 5.00

Dec 30, 2017
9:21 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other