Swarm Queen

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Swarm Queen is a challenging single-player strategy game about hideous insectoid aliens trying to murder each other.

Spawn an army of minions to tear apart your rivals. Each minion controls itself with its own AI, so your strategy will focus on creating your swarm, mutating your eggs, and spitting some toxic goop on the battlefield.

I've been working on this game for a few years, and been away from Newgrounds for even longer. This is my first "full" game, and I decided to make all of the levels available in this free web version. The premium version on Steam has a few extra features, such as full-screen mode, if you want to support the dev (me) :3

UPDATE: You can now upgrade your Swarm Queen by spending the stars you get from completing levels!


Its a very solid strategy game that is rather fun and fairly balanced. Naturally the full version would be nice to have and it can be had on Steam. Having an upgrade and mutation system really helped in investment in the game, as did the early 2010s internet humor on display in the breif dialogues between Queens. It could however use both a touch more graphic polish, as well as a few touch up on the UI. More upgrades would go a long way towards replayability. All in all though very solid and well done!

I really like the game but I don't think the first few levels should be as difficult as they were and instead of just normal and hard mode there should be easy, normal, and then medium. Besides that it's a really good game :)

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I really enjoyed this game. It is like a mini-RTS. I've seen a lot of variations of this style - the only lane combat with gatherers working on the side. But I still had fun, I liked the dialog and that the levels didn't take terribly long.

I am grateful that they *** the curse words, I didn't think that word choice was necessary at all though. I got to level 6 before I started getting bored with it; however, I will probably come back later on to play it some more. Keep up the good work.

sometimes you can oneshot enemies and sometimes they oneshot your guys so basically you can just insta lose for no reason what a terrible mechanic

Very good, very funny, very compelling :)

Unfortunately, I have to deduct a few stars, .5 because of some minor glitches in the challenge levels (such as the Wormy bloke not changing sides when a nuke goes off, or at the speed level if it gets over-rendered, the queen no longer takes damage)

1 star taken off because my computer glitched and shut down in the middle of a level, and when I came back, my save file was no longer there.

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4.03 / 5.00

Dec 23, 2017
11:40 AM EST
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)