The Alchemist

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A short visual novel about a struggling alchemist, and the strange opportunity that could save their business.

A small, simple story with 3 endings to discover.

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Just as good as all the other games I've played by Raius so far... Excellent storyline, with just the tiniest bit of challenge or choice mixed in to let the player have input in what happens in said storyline. Keep up the good work!

Love the art style too!

The story is ok, but a bit too generic in a way. The characters are interesting and I feel like you could have done more with them.

When you choose to use a wrong potion it would be more interesting if the situations would be described and different every time instead of "Regardless of what the potion did". It would also be interesting to see an ending where your wrong choice of potion would make the adventurers get mad at you and quit / get hurt and quit / die. Brutal but a realistic option.

another great game my man, i personally liked millika village more but this is definitely a great game

I am sorry, a little bit too much generic story and simple reading and too little gameplay and too simplistic choices for my taste.

I find the endings unrewarding and the replay-ability to get the other ending a chore.

What was done well were the character portraits. There is something about the witch character that made me wish to see her as a hentai character, she was really seductively drawn. Now if you could at least unlock her nudes by winning with the right ending then at least it would be worth it. otherwise it was too boring and unrewarding. The endings should have art, plain text not rewarding especially since it is predictable what it will say before you make the choice anyway.

The music, the storyline and the feels mannnnn <3 its everything, so simple and sweet! God bless you. Reminds me of the good old days of playstation 1 <3

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3.79 / 5.00

Oct 31, 2017
6:47 AM EDT
Adventure - Other