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No Sound? Video not playing? Well, not sure why it won't work for you, but this version should.: https://youtu.be/_jDYLcByELk

Oh, boy! Objectifying ghosts! Happy Halloween, Negroids!


PSColdFireMain (Philip Song)

Twisted4000 (Ben Carswell)

MegaMoeka (Moeka Garay)


Mini-game - Luigi's Mansion

Chauncey Battle - Luigi's Mansion

adAm - Skev

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A bit odd for my tastes but, got to hand it to you on the animation and use of themes. Quite the good animation overall.

I also want to get vored by a female ghost from time to time, ya feel me?

It was good until the end. I just think that over tea or ghost boobs, I would take tea.


it doesn't play on here but it's great!